On This Week

New Attic For Newlyweds

Chris and Bonnie are recent newlyweds.  For fun they tried to renovate their attic and turn it into an entertainment room.  They didn't get very far, so Antonio and his team have a lot of work turning this barren attic into a livable functioning room.

Updated Heirloom

Carol loves her home; it originally belonged to her father and after he passed, has become hers.  Antonio makes over this living room that’s not lived in.

Palm Springs Paradise

Antonio and his Fix it & Finish It team have come up with a design to not only revitalize Jonathan’s neglected backyard, but to help improve his cooking space and party atmosphere.

Nicki's Creations

Designer Nicki Huggins brings her stylish pizzazz to three houses that really need her Hollywood sparkle. These are the most remarkable transformations she's made.

Worthy Causes

Antonio loves to help families and have a good time while doing it. These are three fun and games projects that you can build in your own backyard including a bocce ball court and a horseshoe pitch.


Antonio’s team takes on project sunroom!  The McIntosh family wants a place where they can have as a stay-cation.  


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