10 Bargain Ideas for Redecorating a Room

Wouldn’t we all like to have a makeover to rejuvenate our homes?  Don’t let a little thing like a budget be your stumbling block.  Here are 10 tips to kick start your inspiration:

1.     Rearrange the furniture you already have - Find a new focal point in the room to dictate your new layout.  If your existing furniture is looking tired, consider re-upholstering, refinishing the wood or using a fresh coat of paint.  Swap out the door pulls and handles to give the piece an all new look.

2.     Paint the walls - Painting is one of the most affordable ways to transform a room.  Especially if you change the color.  Don’t be shy, most home improvement stores are more than happy to mix sample paint colors for you to experiment with.  Paint one accent wall or a whole room and you will feel like you are in a completely new space.

3.     Shop for discounts everywhere – There is the obvious idea of shopping at retail stores, but other shopping ideas are bountiful.  Hit your neighborhood on the weekend visiting yard sales, check Craigslist, go on-line with eBay or Etsy, outlet stores, consignment stores and thrift stores can all help you find inexpensive treasures.

4.     Accent lighting – Directional lighting can add the drama you are looking for on a boring wall.  Select a focal point you’d like to highlight such as artwork or a big corner plant.  Track lights, clamp spotlights or uplights are all inexpensive options for delivering a big impact.

5.     Give your lamps a makeover – Buying a new lampshade can give an old lamp new life.  If you’re crafty, breakout the glue gun and start embellishing the shade with ribbon, buttons or other trimmings.

6.     Clear the clutter – If you buy one piece of furniture, choose one that gives you double duty.  Ottomans with removable tops are a great way to hide those things that do not currently have a home.

7.     Reorganize the bookshelves – Books can be your masterpiece if you group them by size and color on the binding.

8.     Become a Do-It-Yourselfer – Pick a project and start investigating the many resources at the ready to help you get started.  Online tutorials and many home improvement stores offer a variety free workshops for all experience levels.

9.     Bring the outdoors in – Grouping seashells in a clear bowl, placing twigs in a tall vase or nestling pine cones in a basket can give your home an inexpensive eye-catching focal point to spruce up the room giving it life.

10.  Freshen furniture with new decorative pillows – Pillows turn a room from practical to charming with this one small accent purchase.  

Image Source: Curbly.com


Sylvia Avey

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