10 Creative Ideas to Decorate Your Home For FREE

Home improvement is more popular than ever, which is great for the people that can afford a $500 wall hanging or $375 side table. Fortunately, decorating your house doesn't’t have to break the bank! Here are 10 tips for transforming your space from drab to fab all for next to nothing!

1) Hang Wallpaper Samples or Pieces of Fabric

These are usually free at fabric stores and can really set off a space!


2) Fabric not your thing? Use left over wrapping paper: 

This is the easiest way to get into the holiday spirit without spending a fortune!


3) Free Printable Superhero Word Bubbles:

Bring out the superhero in your little boy’s room in an instant!


4) Go Hollywood with Papier-Mâché Marquee Letter:

What better way to pay homage to old Hollywood than with a vintage marquee letter?


5) Bring the beach back to your home with collected sea shells:

Bonus: Fill a vial with sand from your favorite beach! 


6) Hang up your inspiration with these free bunting flags:

Quick, easy and will add a classic touch to a bedroom or bathroom!


7) Go coast to coast with these free printable state outlines: 

These stencils are perfect for those looking to show their state pride!


8) Print out your Instagram photos to show off your family and friends:

Easy DIY project to showcase your favorite moments. 


9) Artfully stack books to make a side table or low surface to display:

Be sure to use books you don’t have a hankering to read!


10) Display keys from the places you've lived or your  old cars:

Bring a little bit of ALL of your homes with you!


Sean Compton 

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