Families on Fix It and Finish It Share Their Story!

Check out what some familes appearing on Fix It and Finish It said about their experience being on the show and some backgorund on their lives. 

The Noon Family 

The Noon family loved having the Fix it and Finish It crew redo our sun room! We bought this house over 3 years ago, with the sun room planned to be Cindy's room, but with no protection from the sun and heat or cold winter air, we quickly discovered that only the cat and dog could stand to be out there during the winter and summer. The Fix it and Finish It crew helped make our sun room a place we can enjoy all year round!

We loved working with the team and had a blast throughout the day using down time to work on our puzzle. That puzzle is now framed and lives in our new sun room as a great reminder of our fantastic day!


The Jones Family

Matt and Jill Jones, along with their two sons, Harris (age 8) and Oliver (age 4) live in a wonderful neighborhood in the heart of the South Park area in Charlotte, NC.  We moved to the neighborhood for the amazing elementary school not knowing much else about the area.  Then we met our wonderful neighbors (some who are now our closest friends) and decided this was the place for us long-term.

When we bought our house 4 years ago, we knew we had a list of projects we wanted to complete.  One month after moving in, we welcomed our youngest son into this world.   A few weeks later, Matt and I decided I would try to be a stay at home mom, therefore I would need to resign from my dream job.  With the resignation of my job, we were down to one income and unable to check off all the projects from our to-do list. 

I read that Fix It and Finish It was coming to Charlotte and I immediately submitted a video of our rooms in need.  To my surprise and delight, I heard back from the FI&FI team asking for more info.

Matt and I were truly blown away when Antonio came knocking on our door one very cold (and early) January morning!!  Matt and I had such a blast working with Antonio and his team!  Everything was such a whirlwind and happened so quickly, we could barely catch our breath to take it all in.  Antonio, the FI & FI crew, interior designers, the painters, flooring people, etc. everyone was a pleasure to work with.  We didn’t know what to expect at the reveal but when we opened our eyes we were immediately overwhelmed to see the beautiful transformation of our family room and playroom.  We now know the hard work and time put into making an episode of FI&FI and appreciate every minute of it.  This was truly a once in a lifetime experience that we will never forget. 

The Treadaway Family

My husband Chris has been a U.S. Marine for 19 years and I am currently a stay at home mom. I just finished my Bachelor's Degree in Psychology. We have a two year old son Christian and another baby on the way. In 2013 my husband received orders to leave Tallahassee, Florida and move to Charlotte, North Carolina. We had very little time to look for a house before we had to move. We looked at 20 houses in one day and had to pick one. The house we picked was still under construction and only had 2x4's when we saw it. When we moved in it was the first time we saw the house finished and we had not time to paint so our walls are all primer still. Having no family in the area to help out and raising a toddler leaves very little time to try and paint or decorate. We desperately needed someone to come in our home and help us out.

When we heard a knock on the door and saw Antonio and the Fix It and Finish It team standing there we were in shock. Things like this do not happen to us. We are so grateful for the work that Antonio and the team did for us. My husband and I are able to spend time in a bedroom that we never thought we would have. At the end of the day we can relax in a peaceful, relaxing environment. Thank you Fix It and Finish It!

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