On Fix It And Finish It This Week 4/13-4/17

New Episodes of Fix It & Finish It this week as Roman Harper of the Carolina Panthers stops by to help Antonio Complete a Garage Gym makeover. See what's ahead this week on Fix It and Finish It!

4/13 - Pathetic Deck: Jared and his Aunt have a pathetic deck and a yard that needs help.  They love to garden, but are not very good at.  Antonio and his team bring a dramatic new look to this deck, spruce up the backyard and bring a new doghouse too.

4/14 -Accidental Flooding: Antonio and his team visit Josh and Jared to help organize their basement and find a place for all of their stuff they are storing there.  But a seemingly simple job gets complicated when an accidental flooding stops the rebuild.  Will Antonio and his team be able to fix this water problem and finish this room in time?

4/15 -Dream Bedroom : When Chris's Marine base closed he had to move his growing family as quickly as possible.  Antonio and his team will help them move into their new home and give them their dream bedroom.

4/16 - New Recruits: Shawn and Angie are Army recruiters who have a new home.  Their living room has been wrecked by their messy but adorable twins.  Now Antonio and his team will bring in new furniture and brand new carpeting to their crowded family room.

4/17 -Garage Gym: Casey and Marissa are fitness enthusiasts that just moved in together.  All of her boxes took over the garage gym so that they can't work out.  Antonio and his team, with the help of Carolina Panthers Safety Roman Harper, will completely refurbish the gym of this deserving family.


Please tell me how you made the fountain out of a flower pot on the Episode Sept. 15 "Mid-Century Mudpit" . I got the very last of it. I have been trying to find it on the internet, but all I can find is seeing the results of the yard being finished.
Please see the following links http://www.fixitandfinish.com/how-to/how-build-water-fountain http://www.fixitandfinish.com/segment/diy-fountain
Watched Bird Nest In The Chimney this morning sure would like more information about the electric fire place. Would like to watch this episode again.
Who is the Richmond, Va. contractor who did the porch's concrete floors? Thank you!

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