Let a Mood Board Convey Your Style

What better way to visualize your innermost design dreams than through a mood board?  Don’t think you are creative enough to come up with your own homegrown board?  Not so!  Who knows you better than you?  You know what colors make your heart sing or the ones that make you want to run in the other direction.  Only you know if the rug feels good on your bare feet or if a wild wallpaper perks up your attitude.  These are the kinds of concepts a professional interior designer would interview you about before drafting a plan on your behalf. 

How to get started you ask?  Start gathering inspiration.  It can come from anywhere.  The best part of all?  There are no rules.

Think of yourself as a curator.  You can add or eliminate as your “mood” dictates.  By taking this approach, your board will translate the overall look and feel you are aiming for to anyone who may be involved with helping you make your vision on the board a reality.  All this can be done before spending any money. 

                                                   Image Credit:  SixEightFour.blogspot.com

Where to start?  Whether you save your ideas to a bulletin board or an electronic one, here are 5 tips to help you dare to dream:

1. What color combinations are you attracted to?  Unsure?  A great place to start is by visiting the Design Seeds site.  Once you’ve zeroed in on a color palette, start collecting paint chips, wallpaper and flooring samples.

2. What is the function of the room?  What basic pieces do you need to meet the function?  Look for pictures of furniture and lighting which meets the need and speaks to your desired aesthetic. 

3. Is there a something you already own you love and want to be sure to include?  You grandmother’s afghan perhaps?  Take a picture and add it to your board.  Add any other accessories you’d like to include.

4. Don’t forget window coverings.  Are you drawn to curtains, roller shades or blinds?  Peruse catalogs to get ideas.

5.Take the time to observe and then capture what you love.  Take a picture; it may reveal a true representation of your vision. 


Image Credit:  Creatively-Driven.com

Fairly soon, you will start to see a theme of what you are drawn to.   Play with it, swap items in and out to see what harmonizes and then jump in when you are ready to execute the design.  It doesn’t matter if you share your board with a designer to help advance your dream or whether you are a do-it-yourselfer, your very own mood board will unleash your imagination.

By Sylvia Avey

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