Organize Your Pantry Before Thanksgiving

1.  Clear canisters save the day. 

This tip is for anyone who has ever reached in to a box of pop tarts just to find the box is empty!! Pulling snacks and food items from the boxes helps you to see exactly what you have.


2.  Ditch the boxes for open baskets and bins.

Instead of the boxes, place them in open baskets and bins on the shelf to help see what you have and add efficiency to the: what’s for dinner questions!


3.  Clear canisters save the day. 

 In the same way you don’t want to reach into an empty box for a snack you’ve been craving, you don’t want to pour a bowl of cereal and find that it’s stale. Keep foods fresher in seal tight canisters.


4. Think Vertical

Although you may not have a huge walk in pantry, you can still have all the storage you need if you bring in solid adjustable shelves and maximize the vertical space in your pantry.


5. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

Even though most people will say they skip breakfast or eat very little, it’s one of the most common food items in the pantry. It’s also the food group that can be eaten any time of the day. I always start my pantry with breakfast foods at eye level.


6.  Making independent children.

Moms are being pulled in a million different directions. It’s nice when kids start to do some tasks for themselves. Help them gain some independence by setting up snacks in open bins at their level so they can choose their own snack.


7.  Label your bins

You can also add labels onto the fronts on bins and baskets so that the little ones can help unload groceries and put them away!

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