Quickstep Flooring Helped Transform The Maetschke's Garage Into A Beautiful Dining Room

Maggie and Klein Maetschke were expecting their second child, so space in their home became a premium. Their toddler occupied the nursery, but he would soon need to move into the dining room, which they would turn into a bedroom, to make way for his new baby brother. This left the Maetschkes in need of a new dining room — and the garage was the only underutilized space in their small 2 bedroom ranch style home.

This is where DIY expert, Antonio Sabato Jr., and interior designer Nick Huggins step in for the the challenge. The design team went straight to planning the design and function of the garage-turned-dining room. Nicki selected Quick-Step’s Flint Oak from the Reclaimé Collection to serve as the design foundation upon which they would create a beautiful new dining room.

“I love this flooring!” said seasoned interior designer, Nicki Huggins. “It’s rustic ... It’s a dark wood design... It makes all of the whites pop off of it.”

Due to the aggressive one-day-transformation deadline, Antonio and Nicki had to select a floor that would both meet aesthetic and practical criteria. Nicki used Flint Oak from Quick-Step’s Reclaimé Collection as the design foundation of the room. The rich, character look of Flint Oak’s rustic planks are reminiscent of vintage wood gracefully weathered by time and the elements. Reclaimed wood is a very hot trend in high-end hardwood flooring today and with Quick-Step’s high quality laminate planks, homeowners can bring the style of reclaimed wood into their home at an affordable price. Quick-Step floors are easy to install, because they feature the patented Uniclic glueless installation locking system. Quick-Step planks simply click together to form a lasting connection. The team laid the entire floor in just hours.

Nicki’s color choice for the floor was again on par with today’s hottest trends in home decorating. Flint Oak brought a rich, dark chocolate brown infused with grey undertones to the room’s design. The expansively wide and extra-long size of each Flint Oak plank (7 1⁄2” x 54”) is also very on-trend. Each Flint Oak plank features authentic surface texture as well as effective shade variation for further interest and beauty.

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At Quick•Step®, they are as passionate about the technology that makes laminate wood and tile floors so durable as the style that makes them so distinctive. From the revolutionary locking system that helps prevent water damage to the ScratchGuard™ Advanced Finish Protection that defends against everyday wear. With Quick•Step® laminate flooring, you can create a truly extraordinary room and feel free to enjoy it. Knowing it's designed for living.

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