Upgrade Your Dorm Room with these 5 Simple Ideas

It’s that time of year again – raiding Bed, Bath and Beyond, Target and other big box retailers to make sure your dorm room is perfect. The problem? Sometimes it can be expensive, impersonal and impractical. 

Wall Tapestry

Source: Society6.com


Wall tapestries are a popular way to hide that ugly beige concrete wall that makes your dorm room feel more like a prison cell than a living space. Tapestries range in price ($39-79) and are a great way to reflect your personal style. 


Loft Your Bed Source: srtrends.com


By lofting your bed, you instantly create a lot more space for storage, working and even lounging. It is the best (and cheapest) way to make your room feel bigger! Side note: use this space to really personalize your area!


Photo Garland 


Instead of the cliché photo-collage of Senior Prom, Homecoming and other special moments, make garland out of twine and clothespins to hang your pictures! You can print out your pictures in Polaroid-esque style to create a cool, vintage look. Source: HerCampus.com


Revamp Your Beanbag ChairSource: Designsponge.com


We all know that beanbag chairs can be a bit ugly, but they are great for extra seating and even better for lounging/Netflix binging. All you need is some fabric, a staple gun and 30 minutes and you have a stylish pouf for a fraction of the price! 


Bed Canopy Source: Apartmenttherapy.com 


Want a little more privacy from your roommate? If you are able to hang things from the ceiling, you should consider making a dorm bed canopy! Stylish and practical, find out how to make it here! 

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