Jared and his Aunt have a pathetic deck and a yard that needs help.  They love to garden, but are not very good at.  Antonio and his team bring a dramatic new look to this deck, spruce up the backyard and bring a new doghouse too.

Rob and Cindy are a nice couple with a large family.  But unfortunately their sun room is a neglected room being taken over by their pets.  Antonio and his team are installing a heating and air unit that will make this an indoor/outdoor space the whole family can enjoy.

Antonio’s team takes on project sunroom!  The McIntosh family wants a place where they can have as a stay-cation.  

Antonio is really good at demolitions. These are the most difficult demolition problems he's faced, and the amazing transformations afterwards.

Antonio and his team help a single Mother Tiffany and her Son Miles.  Changing the room from dark to light would give the Wheeler’s a fresh new outlook into their future.

Rebecca and Jodi bought a home together but unexpected sewer and roof repairs have exhausted their savings.  They need Antonio to work his magic on their barren brick patio of a backyard. Can Antonio and his team bring some plants and color to this couple's lifeless yard?

Taylor and James are nice couple expecting a new baby, but their living room is sad and dreary, and their chimney has birds nesting in it.  They need a bright, new living room and a working fireplace so that they can entertain when guests want to visit the new baby.

Frank and Liz want to be cool parents to their teenage children.  But their kids don't want to bring their friends over to spend time in their old-fashioned, cluttered loft playroom.  Antonio and his team will bring pizzazz to this boring room and turn it into the coolest hangout ever.

Antonio and his crew bring their “A” games to some of the biggest home transformations yet.  These are the biggest, most breath-taking renovations we've seen.

Catherine and Alan Smith have a tiny home office. They need Antonio to help turn this cramped closet into a functional office with desk, living area and extra storage.  Is Antonio up to the large task in a small space?

In this episode, we meet Reginal and his beautiful family. They are in need of a serious renovation of their home recording studio. He would also love this studio to be renovated to be able to work from home a lot more to spend time with his family.

Chris and Bonnie are recent newlyweds.  For fun they tried to renovate their attic and turn it into an entertainment room.  They didn't get very far, so Antonio and his team have a lot of work turning this barren attic into a livable functioning room.

Carol loves her home; it originally belonged to her father and after he passed, has become hers.  Antonio makes over this living room that’s not lived in.

Antonio and his Fix it & Finish It team have come up with a design to not only revitalize Jonathan’s neglected backyard, but to help improve his cooking space and party atmosphere.

Designer Nicki Huggins brings her stylish pizzazz to three houses that really need her Hollywood sparkle. These are the most remarkable transformations she's made.

Antonio and his team visit Josh and Jared to help organize their basement and find a place for all of their stuff they are storing there.  But a seemingly simple job gets complicated when an accidental flooding stops the rebuild.  Will Antonio and his team be able to fix this water problem and finish this room in time?

Robin and Mike are getting married and want to convert their storage room into an extra bedroom.  Antonio and his team bring secret tips on how to maximize the space of a small room.

Antonio and his team of landscapers bring tips and advice how to renovate backyards and turn them from muddy pits into beautiful fully functioning yards.

Rachel and Christopher spend their free time doing charity work and have never had the time to finish their empty office.  Antonio helps them tear down the wall to their backyard.  

Antonio and his crew have faced all kinds of weather, but these are some of the harshest storms yet, from torrential downpours to three feet of snow in Cleveland, Antonio always delivers.

With a busy schedule, Pierre and Krista in need of a getaway space. The garage is unorganized and they want to have a retreat from their 5 kids. Antonio can’t wait to surprise the family, and that, he does.

First time homeowner Samantha has a sad front porch.  She would love something vibrant with pretty colors and some landscaping.  Antonio his team have some offbeat ideas, like a purple porch and a pink door, that will hopefully make this home more inviting.


Antonio and his crew give tips and advice how to renovate Master Bedrooms and how to make the most important rooms into the houses more luxurious and give a feeling of comfort and relaxation. 

EunSung and Jocelyne have a newborn baby.  Their backyard is barren which is sad because they both enjoy gardening.  Antonio arrives to discover that their patio is rotting away and could've fallen down at any moment.  Now Antonio and his team will repair their porch and bring fire and flowers to the backyard.


Antonio and his crew take three run-down rooms and transform them into completely new spaces. The outcomes are completely unexpected.

Sarah and Ricky have a closed in porch that needs help.  The family can't afford to fix it up and the flooring, screens and lighting are all worn out.  Now Antonio and his team will bring blowtorches and hammers to fix up and polish this space so the whole family can enjoy it.  This room needs a lot of work, and there's not much time to finish it right.

Antonio and his team sometimes are called in for unusual renovations. These are some of his biggest projects including renovating the roof of the Old Capitol Inn in Jackson, MS and the Louis Armstrong Foundation in New Orleans that was damaged in Katrina.  

Antonio surprises Eric and Melanie, a happily married pastor and teacher with an office project on their hands. Eric & Melanie are thrilled and overjoyed to have Antonio at their door.

Every home improvement project brings it's own unique challenges. These yards have problems include a dangerous kids' playset, a crumbling deck and a yard devoid of living plants.

Antonio and his team ambush a family with some serious back yard problems.  With a landscape facelift, a happy couple’s dreams come true.  

Hannah and Bobby recently pooled their resources to buy a house.  Unfortunately all they could afford was a fixer-upper with an unwieldy long room.  They need Antonio and designer Ryland Woodard's help to show them how to make this odd-shaped room functional and inviting.

Newlyweds Patrick and Rachel refurbished the interior of their home themselves.  But they ran out of money when it came time to finish their front porch.  Antonio will need his huge team of workers to totally transform their front yard.

The Dudenhefer's need Antonio to help bring life and color to their gray concrete pool patio, and to help build their son's pirate ship playground.

Pam Pybas and Miriam Sacibal are a couple living in Ridgeland, Mississippi. Their kitchen has many issues that need to be resolved. In it’s dilapidated state, it is a reminder of a hard time in the couples life. The Fix It & Finish It definitely help heal some wounds

The Curry family's living room is currently a storage space for exercise equipment.  But Fredrika would love to have a comfortable living area to spend more time with her three girls.  Can Antonio bring the living back into the living room?

The Diffee family have a cramped old-fashioned kitchen that was actually struck by lightning.  Is this a sign that Antonio will help them remodel their kitchen?  

In this episode, Antonio decides to pay a visit to the loving family, The Johnson’s! Antonio and his crew have a plan to turn this “Storage room” into a functional, comfortable and homey living room.

Antonio and his crew visit Montgomery, Alabama, Louisville, Kentucky and Jackson, Mississippi in this compilation of greatest living room renovations.

April is a young, successful woman who doesn't have time to renovate the empty space in her backyard.  She wants to be able to entertain friends, and what better way to do that than with a brand new bocce ball court and patio?

Casey and Marissa are fitness enthusiasts that just moved in together.  All of her boxes took over the garage gym so that they can't work out.  Antonio and his team, with the help of Carolina Panthers Safety Roman Harper, will completely refurbish the gym of this deserving family

Beth and Hunter just bought their house but didn't realize their huge backyard was going to be such a challenge to keep up.  They have bills and no free time, so hopefully Antonio and his team can work their magic and give them a backyard they can enjoy as a family.

Dave and Claire live with their two sons live in a beautiful home in Memphis, Tennessee.  Dave has been using the family room as a work room while refurbishing their home.  But they badly need Antonio to help turn it into a comfortable living room because it's currently unsafe for the kids to play in.

Antonio and his team help a family who struggled to keep their house through economic hardship and storm damage.  A tornado blew their door off it's hinges.    Antonio wants to give them a fun updated family room where they can spend time together as a happy family.  

Antonio and his crew give tips and advice how renovate home offices, making them more functional and showing how to maximize space in these neglected rooms.

As a single mother, Phyllis would love a space where her family can hang out and bring friends over; a space to come together and relax. Antonio surprises the Phyllis and her two girls, to give them a “Happy Home” they will love.

Jean Sabastian and LaShonda Rene have weathered many trials over the years. The Fix It & Finish Team surprise them with a new living room.

Antonio and his team have to deal with a massive fish tank in the middle of an otherwise empty office. Can they take an empty room and turn it into a bright and productive office space?

Michael is a professor who is so excited when Antonio knocks on his door.  That means he's finally getting a bedroom renovation.  Michael's house was apparently built "before they invented closets." Now his master bedroom is getting beautiful hand-made built-ins.  

Antonio and his team love to support our men and women in the U.S. Armed Forces.  These are three worthy families who work in various branches of the military who all badly need a home renovation.

Antonio loves to help families and have a good time while doing it. These are three fun and games projects that you can build in your own backyard including a bocce ball court and a horseshoe pitch.

Antonio loves to help families in need. These are three of the most deserving families who have faced unbelievable obstacles. When you can do a small favor for someone that transforms their life you know Antonio will do it.

Helping kids is one of Antonio's favorite parts of his job.  These are some of the most memorable kid-friendly transformations. Antonio brings joy to these children by bringing in child-safe, parent approved fun rooms.

Curb appeal is one of the most important things for a happy home. Antonio and his team of yard specialists will make these homes beautiful and inviting.

Porches and patios are some of the most challenging rooms. They are small, and neglected.  But Antonio and his team will give tips and advice how to bring out the personality of these sad, little spaces. 

Nicole is a working mom who needs a new yard.  There is no grass in the yard and the soil is just not very good.  So Antonio and his team will bring some synthetic grass and stylish furniture to make this backyard bloom again.

Ramsey is a contractor who has been promising his teenage daughter a new bedroom for ten years.  Unfortunately the attic space has been used for storage and not much work got done.  Now Antonio and his team will bring a unique approach to decorating the attic with a pulley-opening door and hanging furniture.

If a yard is left untended too long it turns into a jungle. This is where Antonio and his team come in. They will tame back these wild landscapes and turn them into backyard jewels.

With full time jobs, working almost six days a week, Eric and Mallory believe Antonio’s help would be a life changing experience. They would like to use their sunroom to entertain, but firstly, remove the painted AstroTurf.

Antonio and his crew bring their “A” games to some of the biggest home transformations yet.  These are the biggest, most breath-taking renovations we've seen.

Terri and Kyle are an adorable recently engaged couple.  They just moved in together but haven't had a chance to fix their living room and dining room yet.  Hopefully Antonio and his team can help them build the house where they can start their family.

Rene and John Anderson are so excited when Antonio and his team arrives. Their kitchen is plain and devoid of personality. Antonio and crew will update and renovate the kitchen to bring the cabinet into the 21st century and to provide a place for the family to enjoy.

Soon to be parents, Rachel and Scott call Antonio to the rescue! Because of the layout of their existing and hazardous deck, their side yard is inaccessible, so they rarely spend time in it.

Antonio and his crew give tips and advice how to renovate kitchens and we tackle some of the toughest kitchen transformations yet.

Gerald and his mom have a dismal, empty backyard that's practically a mud hole.  They need Antonio and his team to work some serious magic on this sad yard, to bring life and color to this deserving family.

Lori Tantawai, is married to Abraham, a US Army Captain who is currently serving the country in Afghanistan. With Abraham away, Lori has taken charge of fixing the yard. and turns to Antonio for a Caribbean retreat!

Shawn and Angie are Army recruiters who have a new home.  Their living room has been wrecked by their messy but adorable twins.  Now Antonio and his team will bring in new furniture and brand new carpeting to their crowded family room.

Eva is the single mother of Stephen who has cerebral palsy. Now that Stephen is no longer a toddler, Eva needs a new patio so Stephen can play outside and enjoy his flowers.  Antonio and the whole community have pitched in to build Eva and Stephen a terrific deck and planted a whole garden of flowers for this deserving family.

Jesse & Megan are a young and recently engaged couple. They are first time homeowners with a 1975 kitchen nightmare. While saving every penny for their mortgage and upcoming wedding, they do not have the means to bring their kitchen up to date.  Now it's up to Antonio and his team to give them a stylish and modernized kitchen.

Antonio and his crew surprised the Morse family with a new family room. They now have a functional space for their family to grow and have friends over.

In Jackson, Mississippi, the Fix it and Finish It team help the Edwards transform a backyard into a playground.

Mardi Gras will be running through the space that Antonio makes over in this NOLA party house!  With the help of his team, Courtney Bullock receives a makeover she can only dream of.

Antonio and his team help renovate a master bedroom for an indecisive family that can't find the time to finish their home.  They've had paint swatches on the walls for eight months. Now they will finally have their home fixed and finished.

The Fix It Team surprise a mother daughter duo, who need help keeping their work organized.  Antonio's team transforms a storage space into a work area.

Tyler Coats wants to bring a life to this neighborhood and make his porch a Cajun celebration!  Antonio and his team help revive this area in transition.  

Rich is a police officer who writes comic books as a hobby.  Rich has an outdated kitchen that really needs a facelift, but finances are tight.  Now is time for Antonio to be the super-hero and renovate this kitchen in one day.

Antonio and his crew help families down on their luck by transforming their rooms into amazing new spaces.  Tears are shed, but now these families can start their lives in their wonderful new homes.

Banner is a professional photographer that needs to renovate her photography office/studio.  She would normally do the repairs herself, but unfortunately health problems have derailed her project.  Will pesky mirrored walls keep Antonio and his team from finishing this much needed office renovation?

Antonio loves to help families in need. These deserving families will get brand new radical renovations that are completely unexpected and bring these families joy.

Antonio and his team meet the Lewis’s', a deserving family with 6 boys and not enough beds.  

Melissa and Steven have inherited their new home from Melissa's parents.  But unfortunately the living room is in need of repairs and full of old antique furniture that clutters up the view of Lake Erie.  Now Antonio and his team will rip down the peeling yellow wallpaper and make it into a beautiful lakeside retreat.

Antonio surprises the Erickson’s, who want to give their son Isaac a new bedroom. The team promises Isaac a new room that he will be proud to show to his friends.

Tony and Jennifer have had a hard year with Jennifer's father passing away and their oldest son away in the Marine Corps.  With all of this turmoil their backyard has fallen into disrepair.  Now Antonio and his team can bring happiness to this family who has had a sad year.

Melanie feels embarrassed to entertain with her kitchen in the shape that it is, but nonetheless she pleads and begs for Antonio to come and fix and finish it!

Jeanette's garage has become a storage room for her grandchildren's belongings.  She wants them to be able to play in there so Antonio will transform this dirty, old storage area into a playroom and will install a salon chair as a bonus surprise for Jeanette.

Julie and Robert love to play with their kids in their backyard but they haven't been able to maintain the landscaping.  Also their deck is crumbling and it's becoming a hazard for their two girls, and they don't have the funds to fix it.  Can Antonio and his team bring the fun and music back to their yard?

The Barron’s playroom and connecting porch are in need of Antonio’s help. Unpleasing to the eyes and full of mismatching furniture, this upstairs living area stands out from the rest of the put together home.

Jennifer is been is so busy with work and taking care of her family that her huge yard has grown out of control.  Can Antonio and his team of landscapers and gardeners, and a big pile of mulch tame this wild yard?

Antonio and his crew are going to refurbish the backyard for Brandon and April and their two young boys, and dogs.  This couple lives by the river so they need some sort of dog washing/kid washing station to keep them from tracking mud into the house.  Antonio will give them an outdoor shower and so much more.

Betty's living room is dysfunctional. Her living room is outdated and boring. Can Antonio and his team bring form and function to this malnourished living room and turn it luscious and colorful?

Antonio and his team are faced with a desolate backyard that needs some help.  They bring in a brand new patio and a custom-made zinc table for this family that loves to grill together.  

Banner and her two boys want to turn their tool shed into a game room.  But the room isn't safe and after they discover an animal infestation in the insulation, their problems get worse.  Hopefully Antonio and his team can come to their rescue and make a safe and fun game room they can all share.

The Walker sisters have shared a cramped bedroom for a year and nerves are starting to get frayed.  Can Antonio and his team restore this bedroom to bring relaxation to these deserving siblings? 


Antonio wants to give back to a charitable family.  Drew and Toney have a loving family that has been through hard times.  Their family bond has remained strong as they've both battled cancer, and Toney is a decorated veteran.  

Tyra is a vibrant mom with a close-knit family.  Unfortunately their house was broken into and their belongings were stolen.  Now Antonio and his team will bring some happiness with a completely remodeled kitchen as well as a brand-new security door.

Antonio and his team bring beauty and livability to these homeliest of homes. These are the biggest transformations he's done so far.  

Antonio meets Elaina, a sweet, single mother of two. Their current storage room would be a perfect master bedroom for her, away from the kids’ rooms, but it’s overflowing of books, bikes, and loads of miscellaneous items.

Mike and Ryan are college sweethearts that are looking to get married and have a child but their house is too small.  Although they're ready to adopt a more adult lifestyle their living room is stuck in their college days.  Can Antonio bring his special touch and remake this home into a modern family room?

Antonio and his team want to give Megan and Craig a retreat they deserve. This master bedroom will feel like vacation everyday for these busy parents.

When tragedy strikes the Shelley family Antonio brings together a team of local contractors to help finish an uncompleted deck project.

Antonio helps clear out a room filled with storage, and gives a mother and daughter the sunroom they've been dreaming about.


Antonio and the team turn this toolshed back into the master bedroom that Chad and Rachel deserve.  

Brad and Ashlie live in their old home with their three kids.  One of their daughters Hadley is fighting leukemia. Since Hadley can't be around dust or construction, Antonio's mission is to refurbish and sanitize their kitchen in one day so this family can be healthy in their home.

Daniel and Anna Beth are a young couple with a backyard that's overgrown and out of control. It will take Antonio and a huge landscaping team to trim a massive tree and build a beautiful arbor in the untamed jungle of a yard.

Antonio and his crew help a family that's been dealing with tragedy.  Their oldest son was hit by a car, and plans on refurbishing their home has been put off, until now.  Antonio helps revive their living room that's filled with sadness and bring joy and a new start to the family.

Cat and James donate their time to different charities and so they don't have the time or resources to renovate their family room.  They want to be able to host parties for their kids, but they don't have a door to their master bedroom, so visitors are intrusive.  Can Antonio and his team build a door and renovate the fireplace in one day?

After hiring a bad contractor, Rick and Dana were left with a hazardous deck and no repair in sight.  Antonio and the Team Houseworks come to the rescue!