Ben Tyler

Ben Tyler

Ben Tyler Building and Remodeling Inc. offers a premier service to clients who demand excellence, value the investments they make, and require a worry-free experience throughout the entire building process. Through our daughter companies, Handyman Plus and Rainbow International of Louisville, we are also proud to offer the same high-quality service for small projects and emergency restoration services.


Since 1981, Ben Tyler and his team of experts have designed, built and remodeled numerous award-winning homes in some of the most established neighborhoods in Louisville. Ben Tyler Building & Remodeling consistently ranks in the top 5 firms in Business First's List of Full-service Remodelers. Whether your project includes a new addition, a luxury kitchen, that dream bedroom, or a more spacious bathroom you can rest assure that Ben Tyler will design and deliver a premium creative construction solution. The same holds true with whole-house renovations or even new home construction.

At Ben Tyler Building & Remodeling, we believe that each project should be treated as a creative construction solution. Remodeling or building a home is a very exciting time for a homeowner. In order to make sure this excitement stays positive we know the importance of developing a strong relationship with our customer. We take great care in offering close customer service to our clients throughout the entire project.

Our commitment to service and communication continues by assigning a personal project manager to your project. The primary role of the project manager is to be your principal contact during the actual construction stage. With over 20 years of experience, your project manager has completed national construction code courses and is well versed with all technical aspects of building systems and codes. The project manager will see to it that each construction step happens in a logical and organized fashion. He will anticipate complications before they happen and take the necessary steps to help avoid them. With your own dedicated project manager, your project will run smoother, unforeseen costs are avoided, and your project can be completed in a timely fashion.

A BBB Accredited Business since 1999.

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