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Beyond Brick

I would like to start by thanking you for taking the time to meet and discuss the details of your project. In doing this you have already taken the first step in ensuring a job well done.

We are well aware of the competition out there, and while Beyond Brick Tucson Inc. strives to perfection by giving you a project beyond your expectations, our number one priority is customer satisfaction!

We care about your project needs, accommodations, timeline, and quality. We dedicate our time to one project at a time regardless the size or profit. In doing so we make sure you will have the option to be involved every step of the way throughout the project. We also know that some projects require extra time and care to finalize, therefore our skilled professionals take that worry out of the way.

Please take a minute to visit our website and see our 3 minutes video how Beyond Brick Tucson Inc. will deliver a project beyond your expectations.

Beyond Brick Tucson Inc. holds a residential & small commercial General Contractor license. Upon establishment our economy faltered, builders stop building, home owners stopped investing in their homes, many business failed, and workers from all over have been laid off. We have stayed busy paving driveways, walkways, patios, building outdoor kitchens, fire pits, and walls all over Tucson. Beyond Brick Tucson Inc. has kept on growing and we can't wait for the better economy to kick in.

At Beyond Brick Tucson Inc. we don't do asphalt or concrete driveways since it's bad for the environment, it doesn't blend into the desert view we live in, it cracks and needs maintenance, it will not give you a worry free driveway, nor does it have curb appeal. At Beyond Brick Tucson Inc. we are confident that our driveways will last for years. Therefore we guaranty our work for as long as you own your home.

Concrete pavers/Cobblestone, has been used on driveways and roads in Europe and the Middle East for hundreds of years. They make streets and entryways to homes cleaner, inviting and more appealing. When installed correctly it should be the last time you put money into your driveway.

Why should you contract us for your project? Because: Beyond Brick Tucson Inc. will pave your project beyond your expectations.

Beyond Brick Tucson Inc. care for our clients, our projects, and reputation!


Beyond Brick Tucson Inc. 

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