Interiors In Design LLC

Interiors In Design LLC

We are a firm specializing in residential and commercial interior design located in the heart of downtown Tucson, Arizona.     Since conception in 2009 we have been growing, learning and thriving, our designers have formal education and twelve plus years of hands on experience in projects of various scales and functions.

At Interiors In Design, we create surroundings for living, sleeping, eating, working, playing, celebrating, dreaming - it all starts here.  We begin every design process by asking how you use the space.

What's your intent, need, desire? What is your time frame and budget?  Working with your desires , we come up with the most functional design solution for your specific purpose.   We are creating a space for YOU.

We want you to feel inspired, comfortable, productive and happy ... We want you to love it!

Our goal is to deliver unique designs by consistently researching and observing the market for new materials and building techniques.  Each project is carefully planned and executed to the highest level of detail.  We pride ourselves in the established relationships with  reputable vendors and industry trades who set the bar for craftsmanship and project execution.  Together as a team we provide the best possible service to our clients.


Fix it and Finish it Experience:

Fix It and Finish It was a dream come true experience for us at In Design.  The concept and approach of the show was very exciting in that we could really help change the way home owners experience their space, we were given freedom of creativity and trust in our design ideas .  The team of Fix it and Finish it was amazing to work with , they were true professionals who knew the craft of making this happen in one day, coordinated each component of the show  like clock-work while encouraging the design team and the homeowners to have a fun and playful experience, one that none of us forget.  We are truly grateful for having been a part of the three episodes.

Show Appearances