LaDiff, @LaDIFF

Founded in 1980, LaDiff is a single store, husband and wife owned enterprise located in a three story renovated wholesale hardware store in downtown Richmond, Virginia. 

Our salespeople are some of the most creative, charismatic and caring designers you’ll ever meet. Our display team never ceases to impress us with their originality and perseverance. Our office staff works harder than any we know.  Our warehouse and delivery team get rave reviews for their careful and helpful approach to handling your furniture.

We view our personal role as `editors’. We travel the world to bring YOU a wide selection of design influences that run the gamut: from Scandinavian classic to Italian high style, from California contemporary to Urban Industrial, from New England Shaker to Whimsical. From Organic to Mid-Century modern.

We believe in timeless – not trendy. We believe in integrity of design and integrity in relationships. And we believe in creativity…..YOUR creativity.

That’s why, at LaDiff, the difference is YOU.

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