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Organized Impressions, @OrgImpression

I am Nadine McCoy the owner of Organized Impressions – Büro 24/7 and I have this dream, this dream to provide tired, overworked female entrepreneurs, small business owners and busy female professionals with a beautiful and functional office space, structure and control over their time and life. Time, that I wish they get to spend with their families, themselves, travelling or whatever else it is they’d like to do when they aren’t necessarily working, catching up on administrative tasks, pay bills, run errands, cook, do laundry or are simply too exhausted then to think about doing anything else. 

And how do I do that you ask? Well if you are looking for a title than Professional Organizer, Office Organizing Expert, Designer, Small Business Adviser, Lifestyle Manager and Concierge come to mind. I organize and design office and work spaces, move anything and everything that isn’t glued to the floor or desk, de-clutter, help downsize and manage endless paper stacks, shred, file, set you up with simple, easy to follow and efficient systems, run your errands and help you conquer your “To Do List” all the while I listen, council, motivate and give advice so you can gain control over the little bit of time you do have. 

I am a female entrepreneur and small business owner myself, I passionately believe that women can have it all and deserve it all. I have the most wonderful supportive friends, I am an avid traveler, lover of all things beautiful, a wife, a step mom to a sweet 17 year old young woman that is about to go off to college and mom to my beloved two kitties Gizmo and Skittles and two puppies Nola and Daisy. But most importantly, I know of and understand the challenges we face as women and get the importance of structure, being organized and time management so we actually do get to enjoy all of these things. 

I was born and raised in Germany, I hold a Degree in Business Administration and am a Specialist in Wholesale and International Trade. I left for the US at the age of 24, where I then earned a BFA in Interior Design. Organizing and efficiency are in my blood and supporting others while creating beautiful, functional office and work spaces are my passion and everything else I just happen to be very good at. 

Whether business or home office – many of them have one thing in common, they are functionally and aesthetically in the dark ages. I decided it was time to reinvent the office into spaces that were not only highly functional, organized but also beautiful, thus Organized Impressions – Büro 24/7 was born in 2012. Since then, a roster of small business owners, entrepreneurs and homeowners of all walks of life have engaged my Organizing, Design or Büro 24/7 Concierce Services. Creating customized office spaces that add real value to the individual and improve the homeowners or business owners living and work experience while adding style and flair to what is one of the most important space in our life considering how much time we spend in our offices. What do you need help with and how much is your time with your family worth? See how I can help you here.  


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