Shelter Distribution

Shelter Distribution

The foundation of our business is the quality people who staff it and the corporate culture that supports their efforts. Over the years we have developed a corporate culture to share personal and business values across the organization, and to help our company and our associates grow and prosper.

Our personal values are based upon these foundational principles:

Honesty and Integrity in everything we do.

Loyalty to each other and our company.

Caring and Compassionate regarding each other.

Pride in a job well done.

Morality in our dealing with each other, our customers, vendors and other constituents

Our business values encompass these traits and characteristics:

Results Oriented – It is important to deliver on our promises.

Strong Work Ethic – Something to be admired.

Perseverance – Setbacks will occur, but this value will keep us focused on achieving our goals.

Passion – We love our business and our people. Passion for one’s work is key to our success.

Frugality – We take care of the resources entrusted to us. Waste is not fair to those who trust us.

Credibility – We deliver on our commitments. We can be counted on!

Teamwork – We recognize that we depend on each other in all we do.

Discipline – No shortcuts. Before decisions are made, we have the discipline to research all the facts. We seek good advice before moving ahead

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