Sound and Image Design

Sound and Image Design , @SoundandImage

Sound and Image Design, a Richmond VA based home technology firm, helps homeowners design and install a home theater system that is not only beautiful and functional, but one that will provide years of video and music enjoyment.
In addition to customizing home theater systems, we provide you with all types of home automation and technology to turn your “manual” home into a “smart” hi-tech home that will make each and every day easier, safer, less stressful and more pleasurable.
We understand that each client is unique, so whether you desire a more traditional home theater or cinema, or an elaborate multi-room audio system, we will follow you to the limits of your imagination in order to create a solution tailored specifically to your lifestyle and needs. 
Our goal is to make the entire experience — from the time you step into our showroom to the final installation — an enjoyable and satisfying journey. We consider our clients every concern from simplicity to style; always guaranteeing the highest performance and value.
Our Promise
In an effort to maintain the finest in customer care, we are very intent on listening to our clients every concern. We understand that each project is unique and will personally assist the client from consultation to installation, with the utmost in courtesy, promptness and dedication. Combined with our extensive knowledge and passion, the genuine respect we have for our clients is what sets us apart.
Sound + Image Design is committed to enhancing the lifestyles of our clients with home technology systems that are of the highest performance, are easy to use, and are effortlessly integrated into the decor of each home.


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