SuperSod, @Super_Sod_Seed

Super-Sod is a family-run business that employs experts in turf and horticulture. One of their most popular products has been their Soil3 organic compost, delivered in a cubic yard BigYellowBag, which they make partially from composted grass clippings from their sod production. Super-Sod continues to develop new garden products, foster gardening and landscaping, and always seeks to improve their farming practices, technology, environmental stewardship, and employee knowledge.


"The Fix It and Finish It crew was a very friendly, professional and well organized group and did a great job with this project. Being a sod producer, it’s always a pleasure to watch quality, professional, nurserymen and landscapers like Rick Woodley and John Keeler transform a job site like this into a beautifully landscaped yard. I’m glad we could be a part of it." -Joe Livingston, Super-Sod, Orangeburg, SC