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When founder and president Dan Cuñado founded Vista Professional Outdoor Lighting in his garage in 1984, he couldn’t have predicted the company’s success 30 years later. As a child growing up in Cuba, Cuñado always checked products for the small inscription stating where they were made, hoping “Made in America” would be staring back at him. He valued the quality the words embodied and channeled this passion into founding his company.

Today Vista is a leading supplier and innovator in the architectural and landscape lighting industry. For three decades, Vista has designed, manufactured and supplied a wide range of distinctive lighting fixtures, transformers, HID ballasts and accessories for both the low-voltage and line-voltage lighting markets.

High-Quality, American-Made Products

Vista’s range of designs and finishes are an ideal compliment to residential, commercial, public area, resort and institutional applications. All of Vista’s products are custom built at the company’s Simi Valley, Calif., headquarters and shipped within 24 hours from the receipt of the distributor’s order.

The innovative company has a well-established reputation among lighting designers, engineers, architects, distributors, contractors and property owners for delivering high-quality products and providing outstanding customer support. More than 2,500 distributor locations worldwide stock Vista products and provide local product support.

Why Landscape Lighting?

Today’s homeowners see their landscape as a source of pride, a refuge for relaxation and a place to enjoy good times with family and friends. Vista products bring these spaces to life after the sun goes down, providing an unmatched aesthetic effect while enhancing:

·       Beautification: Focal points stand out. Textures suddenly become detailed and eye-catching. Architectural and landscape features can be accented and admired even after dark.

·       Usability: Lighting extends time spent outdoors and allows homeowners to take advantage of pools, patios, play areas and entertainment spaces.

·       Safety: Illuminating hazards like steps, low-hanging or thorny vegetation and debris in walkways keeps homeowners and visitors safe.

·       Security: Well-lit homes and landscapes deter potential intruders by eliminating dark and shadowy areas.

·       Value: Landscape lighting provides excellent return on investment and creates a stunning first impression.

Why Architectural Lighting?

The addition of architectural-grade lighting to a project adds a new dimension of beauty, safety, security and usability. Whether the application is commercial, industrial, institutional, or a public area, Vista products can help today’s professional designers deliver on the toughest requirements. Each Vista architectural-grade fixture is designed for maximum efficiency and easiest ongoing maintenance for the lowest total cost in both installation and everyday use.

Adding architectural lighting can set the mood and enhance an atmosphere, creating a work of art out of a building’s facade. Promote relaxation or energize patrons with subtle or vibrant light. Illuminate plantings, signage, unique architectural features and pathways. Architectural lighting also increases safety and security of a building.

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