Whitehoue Painting Company

Whitehoue Painting Company, @WhitehousePaint

Whitehouse Residential & Commercial Painting Company is the premier painting contractor for the Kentuckiana Area.

As Kentuckiana’s premier painting contractor, we are a locally owned, full-service painting company with many years of extensive experience. Why is this so important? It’s because you know we will be around year after year. We have a long-standing tradition of quality which is why generation after generation continue to use us for their projects.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create a beautiful result so you are 100% satisfied, with minimal disruption to your home or work, based on these principles:

            Quality Craftsmanship – we view ourselves not as painters, but craftsmen

            Professionalism – we are reliable and committed to excellence

            Exceptional Employees – we are proud to have honorable & trustworthy employees


Quality Craftsmanship

Our professional painters are the best at what they do; painstaking preparation, careful coating application and an eye for details. We thoroughly prepare a surface by removing loose, scaly paint and visible foreign matters that may prohibit adhesion of the material we are applying. For exterior surfaces, we may pressure wash to lightly clean off debris. We may need to remove dirt, oils, grease and wax with special agents. Nail holes, joins and like imperfections shall be repaired, puttied and/or sanded where necessary. All this is done to ensure that the final finish not only adheres to the surface, but also looks beautiful and lasts a long time.



Each and every employee is devoted to the highest standards of excellence. We want you to be satisfied with the end result year after year.


Exceptional Employees

Each and every employee works by the highest standards of integrity. They are trustworthy and want to do the best job for you. They even undergo continual training so they stay up-to-date on the latest trends in the coatings industry.

 We offer these services:


            Interior & Exterior Painting

            Specialty Finishes

            Faux Finishes & Murals

            Lacquer Finishes

            Wallpapering & Removal

            Wood & Drywall Repair

            Pressure Cleaning

            Garage Surfaces

            Deck Sealing & Staining

            Patio Furniture

            Kitchen Cabinets

           Wood Staining



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