Willcoxon Collection

Willcoxon Collection

About the Artist…

John Willcoxon, a native of Greenwood, a town on east side of the delta bordered by the Tallahatchie & Yazoo Rivers. The youngest of four siblings raised by wonderful Christian parents. He inherited his love of tinkering with things from his Daddy and his gift of gab from his Momma.

Inspiration for his work comes from his love of people. Fascination with and how they relate to each other, they inspire him. His love of old things, history, simple pleasures, the truths of scripture, friends, outdoors and looking for things that other people don’t see. John likes to take broken things and repurpose them, something from he learned from his depression era Daddy that could fix anything. He self-describes this way…. “ My parents are from Arkansas, moved to Mississippi and had me late in life, so…… I am the tail end of the gene pool. It gets no worst than this. I remember riding my bike behind the Mosquito truck as a kid, the smell of farm chemicals being sucked into the house by an attic fan and the taste of lead paint.” Probably explains a lot…

John started his college career at Mississippi State University, transferring to Delta State to finish with a degree in Aviation. After a corporate career with FedEx, owning a sign business, and being a workforce consultant, John is giving the left-brain a break and indulging the right brain with some creativity. Solomon’s Ecclesiastes is among his favorite writings. Solomon’s declaration after indulging in everything life has to offer reads… “It is meaningless, chasing after the wind, in the end, fear God and keep his commandments”. John would say, “ I have chased a lot of wind. I don’t want to chase wind anymore. My mantra going forward is to love and be loved. “  He resides in Hernando, Mississippi. John has four wonderful children of his own, Jennifer, Jake, Julia & Josh. His oldest, Jennifer is a resident of heaven.

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