Prideaux Design

Prideaux Design is a multi-faceted design firm based in Tucson, Arizona. Our work encompasses both interior design and landscape design. Our rich and varied background has proven that good design truly has no boundaries and sees no walls. We take pride in creating beautiful, functional, and sustainable solutions that are unique to each client. We work with our clients in a collaborative way, making the design process stress-free and even fun. We believe that you deserve where you live.

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Interiors In Design LLC

We are a firm specializing in residential and commercial interior design located in the heart of downtown Tucson, Arizona.     Since conception in 2009 we have been growing, learning and thriving, our designers have formal education and twelve plus years of hands on experience in projects of various scales and functions.

At Interiors In Design, we create surroundings for living, sleeping, eating, working, playing, celebrating, dreaming - it all starts here.  We begin every design process by asking how you use the space.

What's your intent, need, desire? What is your time frame and budget?  Working with your desires , we come up with the most functional design solution for your specific purpose.   We are creating a space for YOU.

We want you to feel inspired, comfortable, productive and happy ... We want you to love it!

Our goal is to deliver unique designs by consistently researching and observing the market for new materials and building techniques.  Each project is carefully planned and executed to the highest level of detail.  We pride ourselves in the established relationships with  reputable vendors and industry trades who set the bar for craftsmanship and project execution.  Together as a team we provide the best possible service to our clients.


Fix it and Finish it Experience:

Fix It and Finish It was a dream come true experience for us at In Design.  The concept and approach of the show was very exciting in that we could really help change the way home owners experience their space, we were given freedom of creativity and trust in our design ideas .  The team of Fix it and Finish it was amazing to work with , they were true professionals who knew the craft of making this happen in one day, coordinated each component of the show  like clock-work while encouraging the design team and the homeowners to have a fun and playful experience, one that none of us forget.  We are truly grateful for having been a part of the three episodes.

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Organized Impressions, @OrgImpression

I am Nadine McCoy the owner of Organized Impressions – Büro 24/7 and I have this dream, this dream to provide tired, overworked female entrepreneurs, small business owners and busy female professionals with a beautiful and functional office space, structure and control over their time and life. Time, that I wish they get to spend with their families, themselves, travelling or whatever else it is they’d like to do when they aren’t necessarily working, catching up on administrative tasks, pay bills, run errands, cook, do laundry or are simply too exhausted then to think about doing anything else. 

And how do I do that you ask? Well if you are looking for a title than Professional Organizer, Office Organizing Expert, Designer, Small Business Adviser, Lifestyle Manager and Concierge come to mind. I organize and design office and work spaces, move anything and everything that isn’t glued to the floor or desk, de-clutter, help downsize and manage endless paper stacks, shred, file, set you up with simple, easy to follow and efficient systems, run your errands and help you conquer your “To Do List” all the while I listen, council, motivate and give advice so you can gain control over the little bit of time you do have. 

I am a female entrepreneur and small business owner myself, I passionately believe that women can have it all and deserve it all. I have the most wonderful supportive friends, I am an avid traveler, lover of all things beautiful, a wife, a step mom to a sweet 17 year old young woman that is about to go off to college and mom to my beloved two kitties Gizmo and Skittles and two puppies Nola and Daisy. But most importantly, I know of and understand the challenges we face as women and get the importance of structure, being organized and time management so we actually do get to enjoy all of these things. 

I was born and raised in Germany, I hold a Degree in Business Administration and am a Specialist in Wholesale and International Trade. I left for the US at the age of 24, where I then earned a BFA in Interior Design. Organizing and efficiency are in my blood and supporting others while creating beautiful, functional office and work spaces are my passion and everything else I just happen to be very good at. 

Whether business or home office – many of them have one thing in common, they are functionally and aesthetically in the dark ages. I decided it was time to reinvent the office into spaces that were not only highly functional, organized but also beautiful, thus Organized Impressions – Büro 24/7 was born in 2012. Since then, a roster of small business owners, entrepreneurs and homeowners of all walks of life have engaged my Organizing, Design or Büro 24/7 Concierce Services. Creating customized office spaces that add real value to the individual and improve the homeowners or business owners living and work experience while adding style and flair to what is one of the most important space in our life considering how much time we spend in our offices. What do you need help with and how much is your time with your family worth? See how I can help you here.  


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The Amandas, @TheAmandas

In 2003, The Amandas opened their doors and changed the face of organization. Led by Professional Organizer and Designer Amanda LeBlanc, The Amandas has become the premier firm for Residential and Commercial Organization. Whether you are tackling clutter and chaos in an existing home or designing spaces for a new home or remodel, those that want the best call,  The Amandas. Our unique approach and philosophy to organizing and design as well as our unparalleled customer service makes us top in the industry.

Amanda has been featured on the Today Show, Better Homes and Gardens,, iVillage,, Soap Opera Weekly, US Weekly, The Washington Post, Woman's World, as well as numerous local and regional publications.

In 2012 Amanda's business made its television debut on the Style Network in a reality show named after her business, The Amandas. Amanda is currently sought after not only for her stylish and functional designs but also for speaking engagements, hosting and consulting work.


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Elizabeth Przygoda, @boxhilldesign

Elizabeth is the principal designer and owner of Boxhill Design ( with more than 15 years of outdoor design and styling experience in both residential and commercial landscape design, Elizabeth brings her signature pragmatic style to every outside space she designs. That style is best described as “barefoot luxury” - one of simple and edited elegance with a focus on longevity and function.  Elizabeth is inspired by the many different places she has lived - Puerto Rico, Chile, Jamaica, the Midwest and the Desert Southwest - and from her travels throughout Turkey, Thailand, France, South America and the Caribbean. 

BOXHILL, ( ) an online shop and blog featuring a curated selection of outdoor living products, was launched in 2013 as a natural spin-off of Elizabeth’s landscape design business. Since then it has quickly established itself as a go-to for customers seeking style ideas for their living spaces, and curate modern outdoor products with a difference. The Boxhill store has been featured in national and regional publications.

Elizabeth has a Bachelor’s in Fine Art in Production Design for Film and TV, from the University of Arizona and speaks Spanish, French and Patois. Sheis a member of APLD, ASLA, ACLA and the Garden Conservatory, co-founder of Tucson Modernism Week, and has held positions on the city planning commissions for both Tucson and Marana.  She lives in Tucson, Arizona with her husband Mike and daughter Caroline.

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Stacy Naquin Interiors, @StacyNaquin

Stacy Naquin embodies Southern chic, with interiors that are daring, glamorous, and unique. 

Her signature style is an edgy combination of modern glamour, timeless design details, and current trends, making her one of the freshest faces in design throughout Louisiana and the South.
Stacy is an award-winning designer, whose work has been published in national print and online publications and she has appeared regularly on local television. She also was chosen to curate products for the High Point Market as part of its internationally-recognized Style Spotter program, a panel of eight trendsetters selected to showcase their favorite products and top trends.
Stacy's creative background includes an Interior Design degree from Louisiana State University and studies at the prestigious Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale, which give her a curator’s eye and infuses her interiors with a cutting-edge, but approachable, design. 


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Mary Lou Fewell , @mlshadesofblue

Mary Lou Fewell
 is a Licensed Interior Designer of LA, Reg. #368 Shades of Blue, Inc. Interior Designer, Mary Lou Fewell has over 25 years of experience in residential and commercial design. Her knack for blending contemporary and traditional elements is evidenced in her portfolio. From space planning,  flooring, and custom draperies, to furniture, art and accessories, she personalizes every project. Shades of Blue opened its doors on  Magazine Street in New Orleans in 2010.Antonio was so knowledgeable about everything to do with the design and construction part of the show. I was very nervous about  installing motorized shades for the Ericsen’s Master bedroom,  but he      installed them easily, and they worked! The crew was very professional and took care of lots of little emergencies, from picking up paint, to screwing in brackets, they were a big help.

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Florencia Turco DeRoussel, @Withinstudio

Florencia Turco DeRoussel was born in Bahía Blanca, Argentina and moved to New Orleans in 1985. Florencia received her bachelor's degree in Interior Design from Louisiana State University and holds NCIDQ certification. After gaining experience with prestigious firms in New York City and Tucson, Arizona, Florencia opened Within Studio in 2005.

Carla Turco, @Turquitatweets

Carla Turco was born in Argentina and moved to the New Orleans in 1985, where she graduated from Louisiana State University receiving her bachelor’s degree in Architecture. In 1994 Carla began working as a graphic designer. Currently Carla is Principal of Nontextual Matters – a design studio where she offers creative, professional graphic design, web site design and social media management based in Tucson, Arizona. In addition to her graphic design work, Carla has been part of Within Studio's SDU (Special Design Unit) since June 2010.

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Within Studio, @WithinStudio

Within Studio, founded in 2005, is a full-service interior design studio in Tucson, Arizona. Principal Florencia DeRoussel, who holds NCIDQ certification, believes design is an interactive experience, with the design team and their clients collaborating to achieve powerful and extraordinary spaces that honor the environment, the end users and everything Within. Some of Within's more visible projects include Habitat for Humanity Tucson Headquarters, Sonoran Institute Tucson Headquarters, Apache Tribe Administration Building in San Carlos, Forty Niner Country Club, Zanes Law, Lazydays RV Resort, and numerous private homes in Arizona, California, Alabama, and Mexico. Within Studio strongly believes that great design should be accessible to everyone.

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