Treadaway Family

My husband Chris has been a U.S. Marine for 19 years and I am currently a stay at home mom. I just finished my Bachelor's Degree in Psychology. We have a two year old son Christian and another baby on the way. In 2013 my husband received orders to leave Tallahassee, Florida and move to Charlotte, North Carolina. We had very little time to look for a house before we had to move. We looked at 20 houses in one day and had to pick one. The house we picked was still under construction and only had 2x4's when we saw it. When we moved in it was the first time we saw the house finished and we had not time to paint so our walls are all primer still. Having no family in the area to help out and raising a toddler leaves very little time to try and paint or decorate. We desperately needed someone to come in our home and help us out.

When we heard a knock on the door and saw Antonio and the Fix It and Finish It team standing there we were in shock. Things like this do not happen to us. We are so grateful for the work that Antonio and the team did for us. My husband and I are able to spend time in a bedroom that we never thought we would have. At the end of the day we can relax in a peaceful, relaxing environment. Thank you Fix It and Finish It!


Jones Family

Matt and Jill Jones, along with their two sons, Harris (age 8) and Oliver (age 4) live in a wonderful neighborhood in the heart of the South Park area in Charlotte, NC.  We moved to the neighborhood for the amazing elementary school not knowing much else about the area.  Then we met our wonderful neighbors (some who are now our closest friends) and decided this was the place for us long-term.

When we bought our house 4 years ago, we knew we had a list of projects we wanted to complete.  One month after moving in, we welcomed our youngest son into this world.   A few weeks later, Matt and I decided I would try to be a stay at home mom, therefore I would need to resign from my dream job.  With the resignation of my job, we were down to one income and unable to check off all the projects from our to-do list. 

I read that Fix It and Finish It was coming to Charlotte and I immediately submitted a video of our rooms in need.  To my surprise and delight, I heard back from the FI&FI team asking for more info.

Matt and I were truly blown away when Antonio came knocking on our door one very cold (and early) January morning!!  Matt and I had such a blast working with Antonio and his team!  Everything was such a whirlwind and happened so quickly, we could barely catch our breath to take it all in.  Antonio, the FI & FI crew, interior designers, the painters, flooring people, etc. everyone was a pleasure to work with.  We didn’t know what to expect at the reveal but when we opened our eyes we were immediately overwhelmed to see the beautiful transformation of our family room and playroom.  We now know the hard work and time put into making an episode of FI&FI and appreciate every minute of it.  This was truly a once in a lifetime experience that we will never forget.

Meredith Family

Mason and I began dating in 2010 at the University of Kentucky. After college we moved back to Louisville, KY and bought a house. After spending months remodeling we realized we had gotten in over our heads and budget. We love spending time outdoors and the previous deck was unsafe. We quickly knew we had to put our backyard remodel at the top of our list.

We are so blessed that Fix It and Finish It chose our backyard to remodel. From the time Antonio knocked on our door until the last truck left, the whole day was amazing. The video staff and contractors were nicer then we could have ever imagined. We were blown away by the amount of work they accomplished in one day. We will never be able to say thank you enough to the show and the very creative contractors and designers. The Fix It and Finish It crew made it a day that we will truly never forget!​​

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Bernard Family

James and Taylor Bernard have been married for over five years, but their relationship goes back 13 years to their high school theater class. They are both middle school teachers; Taylor teaches Theater and James teaches Technology Education. They are expecting their first child, a baby girl, in May and are very excited! They also have two dogs, Porkchop and Pepper, and two cats, Reggie and Leela. They love cooking together, spending time with friends and family, and travelling. They are thrilled with their beautiful cozy new room and look forward to spending lots of time in it.

Heiser Family

We are both from the Richmond area. We met during college at BYU in Utah. In 1996, Charles was in a motorcycle accident causing brain trauma. He had to learn to read and write again. He returned to college and completed his associate degree. After college in Utah, Rebecca moved back to VA and we were married in 1998. We have three great children-Chandler age 14, Sydney age 12, and Canon age 10. We have lived here in Mechanicsville for 10 years. This is our forever home. Charles lost his job in residential design/construction when the housing market crashed in 2008. Rebecca returned to the workforce and Charles has done may odd and part time jobs to keep our family here. We have struggled but have been successful keeping our home through it all. We have financially slowly bounced back, but any work on the home has been put on the back burner and for the children's interests and activities such as soccer, baseball, dance, and art lessons-they are our focus and more important when a dime has to be divided between new cleats or a throw pillow. We are a happy loving family and spend our free time at kids' events and watching movies. 

The crew of Fix it and Finish It was amazing. They are all welcome back any time!!! They were courteous and respectful and so fun! We had a quick kinship and joking time that made the day all that more memorable. We had lunch in our garage and played darts in the down time. I am so glad it is all caught on tape. 

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Snyder Family

Chris and Bonnie both grew up in the Richmond area and are both graduates of Virginia Commonwealth University—Go Rams!  After graduating Chris and Bonnie found themselves living apart in different cities to establish their careers but in 2011 they made the decision to make Richmond their permanent home. After moving back to Richmond they used all their savings to buy their first home in the City's Northside. They knew that the 80 year old bungalow needed a lot of work but were naive to the reality of renovation. After being in the home for three years and in that time getting engaged and married, they were finally ready to tackle updating the home. It could not have come at a better time because just a few weeks after celebrating their first wedding anniversary they were given the best gift, being chosen for Fix it and Finish it and an incredible new space to call their own.​​

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Rice Family

We had such an amazing time working with Antonio and the entire Fix It and Finish It crew. We absolutely love our new patio and shower/dog wash. We can not wait for summer to get here so we can try out the new shower. We have had several parties on the patio and the fire pit has been so nice. We have even grilled out on the grill grate a few times. The kids think that was put there just for them.

Our family feels very lucky to have been chosen for the show. We can not thank Fix It and Finish It enough for all they have done for our family. 

Wiener Family

We were married in June 2010. Our boys were born in May 2011 and Dec 2012; both more than 2 months premature. We bought our house in September 2012 and worked for a little over a year making it habitable. Everything we had to do in our house took so much longer than expected since the boys couldn't go to daycare until they were one year old. The Fix It and Finish It crew did a perfect job fixing and finishing the last room in our house! 

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Fasano Family

Therese and Peter of Parma, Ohio have been married for 30 years. They are both from Youngstown, Ohio and attended the same high school.  Peter was a high school and college athlete and was awarded the Golden Gloves in 1977 for boxing.  In 1980 Pete moved to Cleveland for employment in manufacturing, and after marriage Therese, who works in customer service, followed.  They have two children together: a daughter, Rachael, 24, and a son, Samuel, 21. Rachael is a choir director at Parma City Schools and their son Samuel 21, a full time college student at Cleveland State University.  All four members of the family live together in Parma, where they have lived for 14 years.  The family also includes their two dogs, Rocky and Apollo (named after the movie of course), and two cats, Rose and Ally.

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Maetsche Family

(Klein, Maggie, Harrison, and baby #2 due in February) With a two bedroom home and a baby on the way, we decided to convert our existing dining room into a bedroom for our oldest so the new baby could have the nursery. The garage was an awkward space. It was the only access to our basement, which meant we had to go through a cold, unfinished space to get back into a finished space downstairs. Also, the washer and dryer were in the garage, which made winter laundering inconvenient and very cold. Antonio, Nicki Huggins, and the crew installed heating and air, gave us beautiful flooring, and made a room so perfect it’s worthy of a magazine cover! Nicki’s design perfectly blends Klein’s modern taste with Maggie’s preference for something more rustic.

We are big football fans. One beautiful Sunday following the renovation, we had friends and family over to watch football. We moved our TV to the dining room for the day, and the weather was so perfect that we opened the garage door while we ate and enjoyed the games together. We had such a fantastic time entertaining in our new indoor/outdoor space!

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