Mahoney Family

Being chosen to be on Fix It & Finish It has been a true blessing. The moment Antonio knocked on our door we were screaming & the entire day felt like a dream come true. Everyone was so friendly, the crew was awesome to hang out with, & the contractor for the house did an incredible job! We had no idea this could be done in 1 day... we were blown away at the reveal! Every time we drive home & pull up to our house, we are still amazed at how beautiful our home is. We feel very thankful & lucky to be chosen for this show!

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Diffee Family

Terrie and I have been married 30 years and have two children, Chelsey, 27 and Anna, 19.  We bought our home in Memphis in 1985 and renovated it shortly afterwards. However, our kitchen became outdated over the years. When we started a business 5 years ago, our house and yard ended up being totally ignored while we worked to be successful in our business.  Terrie, having attended culinary school, loves to cook and is great at it.  When several of our appliances stopped functioning properly years ago, she said we could not get new ones until the whole kitchen was renovated! Because all of our time has been dedicated to the business, the renovation never happened until Fix It and Finish It came along!

We never imagined when we contacted Fix It and Finish It that we would be so lucky and blessed to have them select our space to be renovated.  Terrie has often thought what it would feel like to win the lottery, and according to her, now she knows!  The contractor, designers, and companies who dedicated their time and resources to our space were truly amazing and so devoted to making our kitchen perfect for our family. Antonio and the entire Fix It and Finish It crew were great to work with and loads of fun. Antonio was so energetic and the crew kept us laughing and smiling all day long. This was a life-changing event for us and we are enjoying our kitchen more than ever before.

This renovation belongs in a magazine!! Thanks so much guys!!

—Terrie, Dennis, Chelsey and Anna Diffee

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Davis Family

I have met so many of my neighbors by participating in the show. Not only did the cameras and work pique their interest, I am now more accessible to my neighbors. I was able to celebrate my first Halloween in my house without the worry that kids would be scared to knock on the screen door or that they might slip and fall on the loose carpet on the stairs. Before the porch and my  front space were dark, diliapted and dreary. Now my house really has curb appeal and brightens the neighborhood! My neighbors have even discussed with me their plans for improving their space so the show seems to have made a ripple effect. 

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Schwindamin Family

We could not have asked for a more gracious and hard-working bunch of people than the Fix It and Finish It team. They treated us and our home with care from the moment they arrived, and they worked their tails off from early in the morning to late in the evening to redo our kitchen in a single day. We were especially impressed by how down to earth Antonio was. He genuinely loves to help people -- while we were waiting for the cameras to set up, he gave us advice on how to fix odds and ends around our home, and even how to get our cat to lose weight! We can't say enough good things about Tara and Jeff, our designer and builder from HouseWorks, who were talented and professional. They genuinely cared about creating a kitchen that we'd love. We are so happy with our new kitchen -- waking up to such a beautiful and functional space (instead of one that's cramped and cluttered) starts each day on a positive note! 

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Vendetti Family

My husband and I have been married 6 years. We met in college 10 years ago (I was 17, he was 18) and started dating almost immediately. We've been best friends ever since. We moved to Memphis and fell in love with the city. We got involved in mentoring teens and service in the community and through our church. We bought our house four years ago and renovated it together, but never got around to finishing out this last room because we got so busy with volunteer work. So we are so very grateful to Fix It & Finish It for finishing out this space for us!! :) 

Everyone from the Fix It and Finish It crew was so friendly to us! We were so nervous in front of the camera, but the producers really helped put us at ease. Antonio was great as well. :) Really we were very overwhelmed to be picked for this experience. And so overwhelmed that local Memphis companies were donating their time and resources to make this happen for us. We feel so very blessed and are SO thankful! 

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Lori Tantawi

My name is Lori Tantawi and my husband and I currently live in New Orleans, LA with our two small dogs. We first met in 2007 while we were both stationed at Fort Drum, NY. He was serving as a Platoon Leader in Iraq and I was a Military Intelligence Captain assigned to the Aviation Brigade. During his deployment, he found my profile on MySpace and contacted me. Upon his return from Iraq, we started dating and have been together ever since. In 2010, I medically retired from the US Army and Ibrahim was reassigned to New Orleans, LA. We fell in love with the city of New Orleans and we decided to purchase out first home here. In early 2014 Ibrahim deployed to Afghanistan. Since he was deployed I decided I wanted to surprise him by renovating the backyard. Realizing I needed a lot of help accomplishing this, I contacted Fix It and Finish It and they were gracious enough to help me. During the taping of the show, Ibrahim was deployed to Afghanistan, however on 5 August he was wounded in an attack and is currently stateside recovering from his injuries. He was awarded the Purple Heart and Bronze Star Medals.

I was truly blessed by this entire experience. All the casting directors, producers, designers, landscapers and contractors were amazing to work with. They filled my home and my heart with a lasting positive energy.  Antonio was simply unbelievable, I was in awe of his energy and enthusiasm as he and the other cast members worked non-stop in the hot sun. Deployments are very difficult and it was a blessing to have my once empty feeling house filled with such love and positive emotions.

As a Wounded Warrior, this experience has given me a renewed since of hope and purpose towards combating my illness and using my God given strengths 

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Daughtry Family

Chris and Sam met in 2007 while working at a local mom and pop restaurant in Wetumpka. We started talking, and she was brave enough to introduce me to her wonderful 3-year-old son, Logan. Me and Logan took to one another quickly, which was a huge relief for Sam, and we decided to make things a little more serious. Soon Sam, and Logan moved into the house that I was renting at the time (the epitome of a bachelor pad) and made it a true home. After some years of dating, five to be exact, we started the ball rolling on becoming a real family. We purchased the rental house from the owner and tied the knot less than a year later.  The home was great, but needed some renovations, and deep cleaning. One of our main dislikes was a beige carpet that had last seen a good day sometime in the 80's. After some nudging from Sam, and a horrible pet accident, I agreed to rip it up. We were not prepared for what we found underneath. As you guys could tell, the floors were in no condition for bare feet. Being the young budding family that we were, we used the cunning use of rugs, and strategically placed furniture to cover this problem for the mean time. Fast forward a few weeks and Sam informs me we'll be adding a new addition to the family, and I couldn’t have been happier. On September 19th, 2013, Logan's 9th birthday, Corbin came into the world to make our family complete. Things were great until our little monster became too mobile and began to explore the hidden floor beneath our rugs and furniture. It was clear that we would have to do something if we were going to keep his little legs and feet safe. Enter you guys. The morning Antonio knocked on our door; we were elated, and incredibly shocked. Everyone one from the crew was so incredibly nice, and polite. Even Sam, whom suffers from a little bit of social anxiety felt comfortable with the crew. That says something about how amazing everyone was. It may have taken her a little to warm up, but not very long. The day everyone showed up was like a dream. We were in constant cloud 9 through the entirety of the day. The excitement of everyone tearing the gaudy built in (Sam only thought she liked it until after the reveal) in the dining room and patching the floor...making the "do it yourself" project mirror, we had no idea what to expect. The moment we walked in, jaws dropped and our eyes scanning the new space, was far better than anything we could have ever expected. IT was us. It IS home. How Nicki, Antonio (along with everyone with the show), We have no idea just HOW you captured us so perfectly based on just a few short conversations and the mix-matched rugs and furniture that had been in our home previously. It is TRUELY the best thing that has happened to us (outside of our kids, of course). Thank you for the blessings you brought to our home. 

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Griffin Family

I am a single working parent of a college and high school student.  This home was inherited from my deceased father.  My father died 3 days before Hurricane Katrina.  After his wife died in 1992 of breast cancer, my father could not financially afford the continued upkeep as he once did as there became one income.  I moved in with my father in 1994 to help him get through his financial difficulties.  There has not been any upgrades in some rooms since the home was purchased in 1980.  This renovation was a blessing to enhance to look of my space that could not be done due to financial difficulties.

 Antonio Sabato, Jr. and his team was wonderful.  Very pleasant to work with from the start.  The interior designer know exactly what I was looking for in my space.  The contractors that was brought in was knowledgeable and professional.  We have really enjoyed our new space more than ever.  We sit more in the living room than we ever have.  

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Irene Kohn

I appreciate the opportunity Fix It & Finish It has given me and my parents. The Zen Den is. Huge hit!!!!

Photo Credit jonathonkohn.com

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Cortez Family

Alexis Cortez- Born and raised in Tucson, AZ. Registered Nurse, graduated from the University of Arizona. Worked in pediatrics and now a School Nurse.

Fernando Cortez- Born and raised in Tucson, AZ. Graduated from ITT Technical Institute. Software Engineer.

Ayana Cortez- 13 years old, student in 8th grade. Has been playing Softball since she was 5 years old!

Dante Cortez- 5 years old, student in Kindergarten. Loves to play all sports. He started playing T-ball and is currently into football.

Miabella Cortez- 2 years old. She is full of energy and loves to play outside. She is climbing and jumping all over the place! She loves music and loves to dance and sing.

We are the Cortez Family! We have 3 wonderful/beautiful children: Ayana, Dante, and Miabella. We work really hard to provide for them. We are very involved with our children and have them participate in many activities including sports. They love to play baseball/softball, soccer, basketball, football, and just run around in general! We’ve always dreamed of having a yard where our kids can play in and when we finally did, it was sad that our kids couldn't’t play out there! We would often have to go to the park as our backyard was full of rocks, glass, old rusted nails and not to mention a hill of rocks across the entire yard! It was nerve wrecking to have our little toddler out there. We were attached to her hip afraid of what she might find and put in her mouth or of her falling down the rocks. There was so much dust and dirt outside which would get carried inside the house. Our oldest daughter has asthma so this was not  ideal! Now that Fix It and Finish It has provided us with this amazing backyard, our kids practically live outside now! We have been outside almost on a daily basis. We love to entertain out there and the kids are having a blast. We are so blessed and thankful.

Our family would like to thank all of the Fix It & Finish It Staff from the bottom of our hearts!! We are very grateful for everything and in complete awe over how friendly, kind, and down to Earth ALL of the staff members were including Antonio! It didn't feel like a celebrity was in our home because Antonio was just so humble and easy to talk to. This was an experience of a lifetime that we will never forget! We are still in disbelief that something this grand has happened to us. Best of all we are content with our children running around outside because they are in a safe yard now. It is such an amazing feeling!

 A huge thank you to Florencia and her staff at Within Studio, Dave and his staff at All Terrain Landscape Creations, Jeri and The Synthetic Grass Store. You were all so professional, friendly, and wonderful!

Again thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone involved. We seriously cannot thank you all enough! 

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