Courtney Bullock

Courtney Bullock, artist, costumer and teacher lives in New Orleans, Louisiana.  During a visit to New Orleans she saw a float building demonstration at a local festival.  This inspired her to move from San Francisco to New Orleans in the early 90’s where she landed a job as a float builder.  When the company found out she knew how to sew, she became one of their seamstresses.  She has paraded as a member of the Mystic Krewe of Nutrias, the Kazoozie Floozies, the Dames de Pearlage, and as a synchronized swimmer for Mid-Summer Mardi Gras No-Pool Pool Party, and other parades that shall remain nameless.  She says her soul is from New Orleans, it just took awhile for her body to catch up.

By day she helps teachers integrate technology in their classrooms, by night she sews costumes and spends time in her studio using glitter and then sweeping up glitter.  She had always dreamed of being a homeowner so she could paint her walls any color she wanted.

Courtney hails from an artistic family.  Her father was a talented tv writer (Flinstones, Jetsons, Andy Griffith, etc) and her mother was a designer.  

Courtney found her dream home and began her renovation. She is a mosaic artist and created a beautiful walk in shower.  She used all the cans of sample paint to sponge paint the walls of her closet like a cloudscape during a beautiful sunset.  She dreamed up an ideal art studio from repurposed furniture complete with a walk in costume closet which was featured in NOLA.com She designed her dream kitchen using 3-D design software.  It has a huge island that not only allows her inner cooking goddess to express herself, it has been used for cookie decorating parties, making parade throws (parade gifts) and where she cuts out patterns for costumes.  It also served as the sound studio for Fix It and Finish It.

Renovations came to screeching halt, along with her enthusiasm of working on her house, when her entire inheritance was stolen by Bernie Madoff.  Realizing that so many people were affected by this crime, would this be enough of a hardship to be worthy of help?  She applied to Fix It and Finish It and the show gave her new hope as well as a new parlor.



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