Wouldn’t we all like to have a makeover to rejuvenate our homes?  Don’t let a little thing like a budget be your stumbling block.  Here are 10 tips to kick start your inspiration:

1.     Rearrange the furniture you already have - Find a new focal point in the room to dictate your new layout.  If your existing furniture is looking tired, consider re-upholstering, refinishing the wood or using a fresh coat of paint.  Swap out the door pulls and handles to give the piece an all new look.

Here are some design ideas that will let you travel the world without leaving your bedroom!

Here are 5 useful tips for making the turmoil of dust and disruption a bit easier.

Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz said it best, “there’s no place like home.”  That is if the home you are in is comfortable, safe and a place you long to be.  Ideally, home is a special place reflecting the personality of its occupants, is cozy and sets the stage for relaxation and memories.  If only we could all be so fortunate. 

Antonio, his production crew and local renovation teams recognize not everyone has the ideal space.  In an impressive collaborative effort, they are traveling the country helping families fix and finish it in their homes; making dreams come true.

We love hearing from viewers about their own renovation and life changing stories. If you have a DIY project or a personal home improvement blog we would love to hear from you. Each week we will select a featured blogger on our website to showcase the amazing projects being completed by our viewers. So submit your ideas to us! 

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