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Lori Tantawai, is married to Abraham, a US Army Captain who is currently serving the country in Afghanistan. With Abraham away, Lori has taken charge of fixing the yard. and turns to Antonio for a Caribbean retreat!


Granite counter tops look great inside your home. Now, you can have the same elegant look outside with a little extra care. Wipe down your outdoor granite surfaces often with dish soap and water. Clean countertops twice a year with a stone clean solution from your local home improvement store. Be sure you never use any product with bleach, ammonia, or harsh abrasives. And seal your granite with a penetrating sealer to prevent stains from setting. Always use a tray under candles. Wipe up oil spills right away. Oil and wax can both stain your countertops.

  • Dish Soap Mixed with Water
  • Rags
  • Stone Cleaning Solution
  • Stone Sealer
  • Candle Tray

Do you know what kind of lawn seed to use for great looking grass? It depends on whether you’re filling bare spots or planting a whole new lawn. There’s warm season grass, like Bermuda, that grows best in hot weather. It turns brown when it’s cool. You should reseed during winter. Cool seasoned lawns, like Kentucky Blue Grass, turn brown in the summer. Seed them in early fall. If pests are causing spots in your lawn, you could patch that will pretty fertilized lawn seed. You’ll need to water your lawn everyday until it’s about three inches high. Then, cut back to every other day and enjoy your lush green grass. 

  • Selections of Lawn Seed

Whether your grill is gas or charcoal, here are some BBQ basics you’ll wanna have on hand. A pair of spring loaded tongs, 6 to 8 inches long. A long spatula with holes so your food doesn’t stick. Get a thermometer to cook chicken and meat safely. A grill basket for vegetables and fish. Try grill mitts, they should be heat resistant and cover at least part of your forearm. Now, you’ll want a good brush, a scraper tool to clean off your grill for the next BBQ. 

  • Spring Loaded Tongs
  • Spatula
  • Thermometer
  • Grill Baskets
  • Grill Mitts
  • Grill Brush with Scraper

Want to chose a ladder to help you work around the house? First, figure out the height you’ll need. If you’re average height and you want to reach ten feet, go for at least a six-foot stepladder. Load capacity is also important. Include your weight plus the materials you will be carrying. A two hundred or more capacity is good for painting, cleaning, and light home repair. A multi-use ladder works as a stepladder or an extension ladder. Aluminum ladders are strong and lightweight, but if you’re working near anything electrical use a fiberglass ladder. They’re strong and won’t conduct electricity.

  • Selection of Ladders

Gardening isn’t just for people with backyards. Here’s how to create a mini garden inside your home. Pick out your favorite clear glass container. This could be a vase, a bowl, or a glass pitcher. Layer your ingredients starting with stones on the bottom. Add crushed charcoal to keep your soil fresh. Top it off with sand and then a thick layer of potted soil. Next, add moss. Poke holes in the moss and soil. Plant your largest plants first. Don’t forget to water and mist once a week, and trim dead foliage so it won’t rot. There it is, your garden oasis in a jar.

  • Glass Container
  • Stones
  • Crushed Charcoal
  • Sand
  • Potted Soil
  • Moss
  • Plants of Your Choice

How do you water the plants in your garden? Most folks use sprinklers, but I like drip irrigation. Drip systems are more efficient because they save water. They can use up to fifty-percent less than sprinklers by delivering moisture directly to your plants roots. Your soil surface stays dry, so less weeds. Try a drip irrigation starter kit with soaker hoses. You place them around the plants you want to water and you just connect the open end of the soaker to your garden hose and turn it on. Remember to look for a drip irrigation kit you can add on to, so you can expand your system as your garden grows.

  • Drip Irrigation Starter Kit
  • Water Hose

Here’s a tip for growing healthy flowers and vegetables in the garden. Mulch. Mulch keeps your soil moist by slowing water evaporation and keeps weeds from sprouting. Some folks like hollowed mulch made from tree bark. Other gardeners use mulch that’s made of shells from cocoa beans and it smells just like chocolate. There’s also rubber mulch made from recycled tires. It lasts longer and resists bugs. Spread mulch two to three inches deep and once the soil warms up in early spring, this simple step helps your plants stay cool once the weather gets hot and keeps your garden looking great all season long.

  • Varying Types of Garden Mulch
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