There’s a quick way to get your old lamps, frames, or furniture a new look. It’s called spray paint. Here’s how to get great results. Spread newspapers underneath before you start. Wear latex gloves to make cleanup a snap. Whenever possible, use Satin instead of Glossy paint for less drips and a more even finish. Shake the can well before using and throughout your paint job. Spray at least 6 inches away and go for several even coats. Now you’re a spray paint pro! 

  • Spray Paint (Satin)
  • Newspaper
  • Gloves

Want the elegant look of wallpaper, but not the hassle or cost?  Here’s how to use paint in a whole new way. Buy your favorite shade of interior latex in both flat and semi gloss. Paint your wall with a flat coat first. Let it dry and use painter’s tape to make vertical stripes. Measure carefully between stripes. Now paint your wall with the semi gloss paint. After a few hours, remove the tape. The difference in finish creates a high-end custom wallpaper look you’ll love.

  • Paint (Flat and Semi Gloss)
  • Paint Pan, Brush and Rollers
  • Painters Tape
  • Measuring Tape
The Back Story

What does it mean to go green around the house? It can be as basic as using non-toxic paint next time you redecorate your home. Or try eco-friendly products to make your house sparkle without harsh chemicals. You can even make your own by using lemon juice to dissolve soap scum. Vinegar also makes a great natural cleaner; just mix it with water in a spray bottle. Try hanging your laundry to dry outdoors naturally instead of throwing it in the dryer. And don’t forget to use dishcloths in your kitchen and dust cloths around the house. 

Meet the Guest Stars
Antonio Sabato, Jr. | @Antoniosabatojr

Antonio Sabato Jr. once overlooked Time Square from a 90-foot billboard dressed only in his Calvin Klein underwear.  The iconic fashion designer hired the actor to be the company’s first celebrity model since Mark Wahlberg and it was shot by famed photographer, Herb Ritts.  That combination caused a sensation when the photos appeared in every magazine and hundreds of billboards throughout the world. 

Since then, Antonio has had a long and varied career which most... (full profile)

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