Cut Wood Without a Saw

How To Cut Wood Without A Saw? Top 6 Ways To Do It

To work with wood and create unique pieces from it for everyone’s use is in itself an art. This art requires patience, practice and lots of discipline. Each step involved has to be done with extreme concentration and dedication. This means the starting step, which is cutting the wood, is as important as the rest of the steps in the process.

You might think it is next to impossible to cut wood without a saw but you would be surprised by the number of options available. Things such as a knife or even a drill can get the job done. If you do not have a saw around or are not sure about which one to buy with all the different companies boasting different features, you can just use one of these alternatives that we have provided below. 

Six Methods to Cut Wood Without a Saw 

Cut Wood with a Drill

We have always used a drill machine only to dig holes into walls or other things. But can we also cut wood with a drill? The answer is yes, we can. To do it this way, you have to take the wood you would like to cut and draw a line across it. This is the area where you want the cut to be made. 

Next, starting from the edge, start drilling holes into over the line. Make each hole right next to the other and after a while, the wood be weak enough to easily be breakable by hand. You can use a knife or anything sharp to trim the rough edges.

Cut Wood with a Knife

Now, this is a tool you will surely have at home since it is of such prime importance in the kitchen. Apart from cutting vegetables for food, knives can serve as a great replacement for a saw when it comes to wood-cutting.

The first thing you need to do is to sharpen your knife. Next, practice a slanting technique by holding the wood with a tilt and then beginning to cut. The most important thing in this part is the angle at which you hold the wood. Just like in the previous step, smooth out the rough edges in the end. And that is all there is on how we can cut wood with a knife. 

Cut Wood with Scissors

Using a saw for cutting thin pieces of wood is dangerous in itself. There are better alternatives for it and one of them includes industrial scissors. These scissors are large, mostly over ten inches. 

To cut wood with scissors, it is recommended to wear gloves. This method would require a lot of strength to push down on the wood. You should also make sure the blades of the knives are as sharp as they could be. After a bit of practice, this method turns out to be the easiest as it gets the job done in one push.

Cut Wood with a Sharp Axe

Yet another way to cut wood without a saw is to use a sharp axe. Just like in the drill method, draw a line across the area where you want the wood to come part. If the cut has to be made along the grain of the wood, hold your axe at a 45-degree angle. Otherwise, a 90 degree would do.

About two inches from the drawn line, start cutting off small pieces with the axe. Continue doing this by changing sides of the line. You will end up with a cut in the shape of a V. Keep cutting until the wood has weakened and breaks off. To have clean edges, use a knife or any other sharpening tool. 

Cut Wood with a Machete

You can also cut wood without a saw by using an extremely sharp machete as a replacement. In this method, you will not get the cleanest result in the end but you can always find ways to work around that. Again, draw a line on the wood so your cut is accurate. Next, angle the machete at a slight slant and start cutting through the line. Once it has gone deep from one side, turn the wood around and start the same process from the other side. 

Eventually, the wood would break in two. You can use the same machete to smoothen the rough edges. 

Cut Wood with Routers

Get an electric router and adjust its gauge according to the depth of the wood you are about to cut. If you want accurate results, you may draw a line in the direction you want to cut. Place the router on top of the line made and pull its trigger. The router will begin cutting and once it is done with an area, you have to move it to the next place. Keep doing this until the wood has been cut just like you wanted it. After you are done, you can stop the handle’s pressure. 

In this method, it is an important step to set up the gauge before you begin any kind of cutting. If it is set too high compared to the depth of the wood, it would not cut all the way through. Similarly, if it is set too low, it may even pierce the ground underneath the wood.


The tools are everything when it comes to dealing with wood. But what if you are missing some of them? Now, that should not a reason why you do a job incorrectly. There are many alternatives for the tools you do not have at hand. 

A saw is the first thing that comes to mind when we think about the tools needed for woodwork. After all, it is the thing that starts the whole process by cutting wood in the most finesse ways. However, if you do not have one you can always use something else to cut wood without a saw. Some of these methods are mentioned above and involve simple kitchen appliances. Try one of these methods the next time your saw breaks or you are just looking to learn a new skill.

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