Effective Strategies for Keeping Cats off Outdoor Furniture

Our feline friends are the best, but they might be times you do not want them on your furniture. They may want to sun themselves or have a hot night on your new outdoor furniture. Maybe they have turned your outdoor furniture into their lawn lounging area. These cats are not yours but your neighbors. There are different ways you can get rid and keep cats off of outdoor furniture. Let’s go over some of the options you have. Let’s go over some of the options you have.

Kitty cats do not like scents, they have very keen noses. There are a few odors our feline friends do not like. You will need to make a natural odor to repel the cats off of outdoor furniture. The natural way is the best for the cats and your plant life. Using natural ingredients will always be the safest for the cat and your yard.

How to keep cats off of outdoor furniture?

Using Vinegar as a Natural Repellent

Vinegar- cats do not enjoy this scent making this a great option, as you normally have this under your sink. You will need a small spray bottle mix one part white vinegar, one part water, and liquid soap. Spray the cushions lightly as you do not want to soak them. The cats will smell the vinegar mixture and decide to lounge around somewhere else.

Mothballs are an option but not my favorite

Moth balls can be dangerous. They have toxins and chemicals in them. If you have no other option make sure the moth balls are placed inside the cushion themselves. You will not want the cats or any other animals to ingest the mothballs.

The smell will annoy the cats and they will not want to lay around on your outside furniture. There are a few other options that may be less risky than good ole mothballs. Plus you may not want your cushions to smell like grandma’s closet!

You can also dig out your old potpourri or make one yourself.

Cats dislike the smell of citrus so this will always be a good option for potpourri. Using your old peels and creating your own. Citrus smells annoy the cats and if you need to go to the next level make your own spray.

Lemon juice, citronella oil, and water. Use your little spray bottle and spray the area. The feline friends will not like that scent and will move away from your outdoor patio furniture.

Aluminum foil is another option to try

Sometimes this will not work as the cat will decide they DO NOT like the feel. Most cats do not like aluminum foil and the feel of it so they will not jump on the patio furniture. Use large sheets and place them on your outdoor furniture.

This of course will need to be tried while inside on a porch or covered. The wind will not be helpful to the foil method. Use the foil option if the elements work for you.

Cats have a strong dislike for double-sided tape

Cats do not like sticky things so this may work for you. You can always combine the foil and double sided tape. You can make small patches of double-sided tape on the cushions. You could flip the cushions when not using them.

Over-the-counter cat repellent is also another option instead of DIY

These are sold online and in stores. This will be used several times before the cats will get the hint. Always read the instructions and make sure you follow the steps. Test the spray in a small area before loading it all over your cushions.

Cat Training

You may not want to do any of the above options but you want your cat to be well-behaved. This means you can try to train your cat to stay off your outdoor furniture. One way is to water in a spray bottle.

When the cat approaches the furniture spray them, cats do not like water. They especially do not like to be wet. If the cat friends are from next door you would have to watch for them and do the same.

You also can do a combination of training and work command. Use simple commands like off cushions and spray them. The combination way will only work if the cat is your cat and you can work with them continuously. Training a cat will take time and patience but they are smart and will learn quickly.

Cover or place furniture indoors when not in use

If you cannot get your cat to stay off your outdoor furniture your last resort can be to remove or cover the cushions after each use. This may not be the best option. You can always try some other ways to make the cat happy.

Provide your cat their own space

Cats love to be with their people and maybe you can design their own lounge area. Make sure they are not bored. If cats are bored they will get into trouble. You can always buy your feline a small dog bed and place that by the outside furniture.

You can bring the cushion in and outside with you. This will make the cat feel like they belong and have their own space. Cats love to be with their owners and sometimes just laying around the cushions makes them feel a part of you.

spend time with your cat

Cats when they are bored will do things to get your attention. Make sure your cats have toys and scratching posts and you spend time with your pet. Your neighbor cats would be a different story but try to use some of those ideas above.


How do you keep cats off of outside furniture? We went over several holistic approaches which are the safest. You can buy over-the-counter repellent. Take your old potpourri and recycle it as cat repellent.

If the feline friend is your cat- make sure you’re giving them the attention they need. Cats can be trained if you put the time into them and are consistent. Before you throw away your old citrus peels turn them into either a deterrent spray or put them into your potpourri.

Cats are very sensitive to scents and textures. It may take a combination of a few of these ideas, but do not give up! Do not let the cats win!

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