How to break a door knob with a hammer

How to break a door knob with a hammer? Follow these steps!

Hammer time! (you knew I was going to do that when a hammer is involved). The most valuable tool you can have at hand sometimes is the one that you use to smash things up. Hammers can be made in all sorts of materials and combinations; depending on the intended use you would want to give it.

But sometimes you want to keep things clean when using a hammer. It is not always possible to use brute force with the hammer when you try to open something; hammering a nail in certain sorts of surfaces, or when trying to loosen something up. Can you just imagine trying to open a locked door by basically destroying it with a hammer?

Let’s find out how to break a door knob with a hammer without making a mess of that door, and avoiding the cost of buying a new one in the process.

What hammer do you need to break a door knob?

You would think that a hammer is such a simple tool that there are not many variations of the same thing. Turns out, hammers come with a variety of options to choose from. From “normal” hammers to ball-peen hammers; to the ones used to give form to metal (those that some car manufacturers use for those bespoke cars); to the ones that can make rocks dust. Hammers can come in all colors of the rainbow.

For this situation though, what hammer do you need to break a door knob? The answer, simple enough, is the “normal” hammer. The one that has that claw looking thing to pull nails out of wood (and, easily enough, is called claw). This is the one you should use to break a door knob with a hammer.

Why the claw is so necessary to do this action?

Well, you would need to use the claw of the hammer to pry up the door knob from its hole. This is still brute force, but comparing it from a direct from a hammer, it could be way less destructive to the door itself.

Also necessary is the use of something that can make the hammer gain some leverage. A thick piece of wood or other resistant material can be used for this purpose; but, beware to put something between that object and the door to avoid damage.

You could also use a prier instead of a hammer. It is just logical to use an appropriate tool for the purposes you want. However, just think about this: How often you saw a hammer in any of your friends, family and neighbors, and compare how often you encounter a prier. It is most probably you would find a hammer than a prier in anybody’s home. It is a very ubiquitous tool.

How to use a hammer to open a locked door?

There are many ways to use a hammer to open a locked door. They range from the simple ones which are just smashing the thing to pieces, caring less about the door and just going for it; to the elaborated ones which try to minimize damage.

In some instances, you can use just a hammer to open a door that has become locked for some reason. It depends obviously on the kind of lock is using, the material the door is using and if there are any possibility to have a key to open it without torturing it.

If you do not have any way to open the door the way it was intended (or even the ones that are not the way to do it, like using credit cards, screwdrivers and such), a hammer can be your answer.

So, how to break a door knob with a hammer?

Use the claw part of the hammer in the configuration described above (using a piece of wood or similar to make a lever for prying) and pull up the part of the knob that is in direct contact with the surface of the door. Twist it, pry it and apply your force on this part; even if it deforms (which is what we want) to pull up the knob out of the door.

You can also beat the heck out of the door knob if the looks of the door and the contents behind that are not as important to you. The mentioned method above is preferable for maintaining the door without incurring in more expenses, especially these times but, who are we to judge?

Can I use a screwdriver and a hammer to break the lock?

Another ubiquitous tool you and your friends may have around is a screwdriver. When using in conjunction with another tool like (you guessed it) a hammer, it can make things possible and way easier. So yes, you can use a screwdriver and a hammer to break the lock. But how though? How to break a door knob with a hammer and a screwdriver?

We refer to “normal” hammers those ones with a claw in the back but sometimes you find hammers that do not have that typical feature. You can even find hammers that are made of rubber which, in this case, is preferable (metal on metal contact is very hard so, just imagine the feeling of pounding those tools together)

The process is somehow similar to that of just using the hammer, but changing the claw for a flathead screwdriver. That is the part you are going to insert in between the lock and the door. Then proceed to hit the screwdriver with the hammer from the back to insert it more and from you pick it to pry up the knob.


Finally, how to break a door knob with a hammer? You should definitely look for a material where you can gain some leverage to pull off the knob with the claw part of the hammer. You can also make use of a flat screwdriver when you hammer does not have a claw at all, and it is preferable to use a rubber hammer in this case.

Be aware that, since you are pulling and beating something in the door, that can lead to marks, scratches and even worse, total destruction of the door (especially in doors made of wood). Avoid those dangers by preventing them from happening in the first place. Use a cardboard box while you are using a piece of wood or similar to pry, to avoid marks.

If that door knob refuses to let go, a locksmith is always your best friend when it comes to opening locked doors. For a small fee, compared to buying a new door and all its components, you could have your door open in a matter of minutes when things get complicated.

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