How to build walls in Rust

How to build walls in Rust? Follow these tips!

Oh! Gaming! Let’s jump right in then and talk about this survival online multiplayer game from the guys on Facepunch Studios. Rust is a game where you need to survive in the wilderness, Bear Grylls style (without drinking your urine, of course), by gathering the elements from it to avoid hunger, the cold environment, the attacks from other players and so on.

One of the biggest aspects of this game is the ability to build structures. This is very similar of those in other games like Minecraft and, if you remember it, DayZ, the popular game mod for ARMA 2 (which is very, very similar)

Some people say it is very harsh to newbies and that could be right because, after all, this is a strategy game. So how to build walls in Rust in order to be better protected from the elements and the other players?

What do you need to build a wall in Rust?

In Rust, you are basically a guy or gal from the first years of human existence, learning how things work. So, walls are not even a thing until you learn how to build walls in Rust. So, let’s explore what do you need to build a wall in Rust.

First up, you need to know that the process for building anything at this game have changed from some time. Right now, many gamers point out that it is way easier than before.

For the purposes of this post, let’s check out what changed from the previous one to the current.

You would need the building plan to start building. The building plan, like in real life, is a piece of paper needed to build anything on the game. In order to get a building plan, you would need to gather 100 wood units, the craft paper and finally, the building plan.

Also, you would need a hammer. This necessary tool would cost you a hundred more units of wood for you to make it and can potentially make your home stronger than when using another thing like rocks for instance.

Finally, you would also need a tool cupboard. It is like a safe for your building and tools and will cost you a thousand units of wood. It can also prevent building upgrades in a radius of 30 meters and buildings being rotated. This should be your most precious possession because anybody that can enter your home, can use this tool. Hide it from plain sight, make it difficult for others to access it, but easy enough for you.

How to start building in Rust?

After the other things have been taken care of, the building plan, the hammer and the tool cupboard, you can start to build your structures in the game. So, how to start building in Rust?

The first thing you need to consider when building in the game is stability. It is not particularly noticeable when you have a small building block, but when things improve and your home grows as expected, this feature starts to become apparent.

To make stability the strongest point of your building, you would need to take the necessary steps in order to maintain a level above 10 percent of stability. Lower than that, and things would start to come apart. The way to improve the stability is by putting strong elements under the ones you are piling up.

To start building you would need to move the building plan from your inventory to the hotbar, and then selecting it with your mouse scroll or the number in which position is in. You would see the foundation showing up and when you are happy to place it, press the left click of your mouse. Mind the stability though, this is the most important part of your building (apart from the tool cupboard).

A right click would bring up a circle with all the possible things you can make when the building plan is selected. Any of these things would cost you wood, so keep that in mind when building anything. 

And, how to build walls in Rust? Fairly simple. You would need to lay the foundation first in order for you to build the walls. This also would require some wood but this is basically the way to do it.

Why do you need to hammer your walls in Rust?

After having answered how to build walls in Rust above, you may be wondering about the hammer and the issue about why do you need to hammer your walls in Rust? Turns out, hammering the walls is not like breaking them or something like that.

It is recommended to reinforce your walls by using the hammer. Similar to what you do with the building plans, the hammer also has a circular menu where you can choose an upgrade to various materials, just to add some toughness to your structure.

You would need to right click when selecting a wall to make this selection menu to show, which would display to you some options in materials for reinforcing your structure. You can use wood, stone, sheet metal and an armored choice (which is basically sheet metal plus stone) for this process.

Also note that can avoid wasting all your resources while upgrading your wall’s reinforcements by skipping any of the level. Considering that you have enough resources, and the permissions for the admins, you can go straight to the armored one to better protect your structure.


And to wrap things up: How to build walls in Rust? Fairly easy when you can have access to all you need for it. In this case, such things are the building plans, a hammer and, preferably, the tool cupboard. And of course, tons of wood for a fairly good building. 

This is a game where strategy is important, but also considering things that are very close (or somewhat close) to things we see outside of the gaming world. The stability of your walls or the entire structure depend on the site you choose to put your foundations.

Finally, as a recommendation, it is always better to consider reinforcing your walls in your structure by upgrading them with the hammer. Save the resources needed to do that task and have a building that can survive raids better than one that does not have any upgrades applied.

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