How to Buy Crystal Chandelier

How to Buy a Crystal Chandelier: For a Perfect Interior Decor

Electroliers are no longer exclusively for the dining area. You can now place a crystal crown seemingly anywhere from bathrooms, hallways, and even the kitchen. The crystalline electroliers have come with their difficulties. 

It can be hard to make your mind up to choose a crystalline electrolier. There are many features you may contemplate on how to buy a crystal chandelier. You may look for your color or form choices of the lighting fixture you want. 

Also, you may want to look at the size of your lighting fixture too. What next after finding your crystalline crown? You need to know how to preserve your electrolier too. This article is going to focus on all there is to know about these stunning indoor and outdoor lighting accessories. With so many different design features, there are so many different designs to go for. Without further ado, here’s a complete guide on how to buy a crystal chandelier.

Guide to Buying a Chandelier

Crystalline electroliers are famous for their simplicity and attractiveness. They enhance the refinement of your home. Electroliers come in many sizes and shapes and, depending on the room, you can position them anywhere you want! It can be very frustrating and hard to pick a crystalline electrolier if you do not know why features to look for when buying one. 

Here are some guide to buying a chandelier  that you should assess when buying a transparent crown

The Room Size 

You need to be aware of the scale of the space where you are putting the crystalline electrolier, beginning with the fundamentals. By putting a large fixture in a small spot, don’t try to be over-efficient. It’ll give you a very awkward look. Likewise, in a wide space, a tiny fixture will give the room a dwarf look. To help you pick the correct lighting fixture, know the measurement of your room, and talk with the electrolier expert.

Consider the Creation and Decoration 

Another thing you need to bear in mind before a crystalline electrolier is a structure and adornment. The layout of the crown should complement that of the house and fit the setting. A crystalline crown that goes with the interior design is going to look outstanding and give your house an elegant touch.

What light in the electrolier is used? 

The external emblem of the electrolier is not only significant, but the inner component is also important. In the crystalline electrolier, the lights used should be of high quality. The lighting needs to be fine or else the appearance will be weakened. You can try to keep the overall wattage of all the bulbs to no more than two hundred to four hundred watts is a safe universal rule.

Choosing Crystals for a Chandelier 

Crystallines are the most important features of a crystal crown. Strass crystallines, imperial crystallines, regal crystallines, and Swarovski spectra crystallines are various types of attainable. Rhinestone crystallines are known to be the finest globally. They are faultless, but they are more expensive as well. Imperial crystallines are exceptionally refined; professionals cut them using hands and craft them for accuracy. In terms of their arrangement and usage, Regal Crystallines are more conventional. Via an old method, they are cut by hand and built. Finally, the crystallines of Swarovski are an alternative to the pricey crystallines of strass. At an affordable price, they offer comfort. When you’re choosing crystals for a chandelier you consider what is suitable for your house.

Selecting the Frame of the Electrolier 

You may also have to get a decent crown structure when you purchase a light fixing. The frame contributes to the crystalline electroliers charm. So take your time and carefully decide if you want perfection. 

Finally, these days, crystalline electroliers are readily accessible, but when you’re still confused by how to buy a crystal chandelier, remember these main considerations before ordering one so that you make maximum use of your purchase and decorate your house.

How to Protect  and Clean Crystals for a Chandelier

It is highly recommended that you clean the crown every two to six months. To preserve the sparkle and elegance of your electrolier, regular cleaning is required. Two key methods of cleaning electroliers are available: the dry method and the wet method. Cleaning an electrolier for two to six months is strongly advised. Regular cleaning is important to preserve the glow and elegance of your chandelier. There are two key ways of cleaning crystals for a chandelier: the wet method and the dry method.

1.    The Dry Washing

Technique The dry method is typically the most suitable method of cleaning crowns because it is the easiest choice. All you need is a cleaner made of cloth and glass. 

Spray some liquid cleaner on the fabric and carefully wipe down each portion of the crystal glass. Without having any on the metal, working from top to bottom, inside to outside. Use a clean fabric thereafter to cleanse the newly washed crystalline glass.

2.    The Wet Washing Technique

The wet method demands that you dismantle the crown. A good tip is to take a few images of the chandelier in advance to help reassemble it. You can clean your glass in a colander with heated water after dismantling your crown. You may also use a small quantity of detergent, but try to avert using any violent chemicals for washing and do not use any chemicals to contact the metals. With cleansing fabric, you may wash the metal parts completely. 


If you know how to buy a crystal chandelier, you may have observed that a crystalline does not shine in semi-darkness. It means that quality is missing, since even the most insignificant light is reflected by a real crystalline, even those which human eyes do not perceive. Then it must be entirely distinct and at the same time reflect spectrums of light in the form of replica rainbows of colors. 

You need to weigh a lot of variables during the product assessment before the order. You can begin with how much money you plan to spend on your electrolier because the good crystal is also very costly.

Secondly, for your room, you need to choose the most appropriate form of light fixing accessory, so equip yourself with measuring tape, patience, and creativity to create the atmosphere you want in your mind. And well, last but not least, turn the lights off and assess in natural light the crystallines you like most, paying attention to colors and purity.

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