How to clean plumbers putty

How to Clean Plumber’s Putty? Tips and Tricks

Plumber’s bag and no putty (plumber’s putty) in it, strange! No matter for a big or small task you call a plumber at your home, they always bring their putty bottle along because it helps in finishing afterward. Not only plumbers, but you can also make use of this putty bottle at home. With it, you can stop the water leakages anywhere in the house; for example, bathrooms or kitchen. But before applying the putty yourself, make sure to remove the earlier putty completely; this is done so that it does not get over coated and cause trouble later. Now, how to clean plumber’s putty with no plumber in the house?

It is very easy: use its breaking point to break it more; you can use the putty knife for clean removal. The old dried putty is very easy to remove. Carefully clean all the particles so that the new putty you apply on it. Then, stick firmly to the surface, and do not use any holes or problems later. 

Here’s a complete guide on how to clean plumber’s putty.

Plumbers putty uses:

Why applying plumber putty once it is broke and what are plumber putty uses is something every house owner should know. This waterproof putty, not only stops the water leakage or acts as a seal on pipes; it also helps to fix the spaces in sanitary or drainage pipes.  But you cannot use it where adhesive strength is required. It may act as a fixture for some time; however, too much pressure will break it. So, try to fix such areas with watertight seals implanted by the professional plumbers. 

Putty needs to be applied again at the places where they are already fixed; in the bathtubs, sinks, or anywhere, either on the top of sink strainers or undersides or at the popup drain fittings. Putty needs to be refreshed after some years or so. 

Plumbers putty substitute:

Caulks were used before the putty but now people prefer plumbers putty. This is mostly because of the neat look it gives and long-lasting usability. Plumbers themselves do not go after any plumbers putty substitute; this is because putty is very easy to remove, apply, and makes the clients happy and less complaining. 

How to soften plumbers putty and apply:

This inexpensive, widely used and widely available plumbers’ putty should be softened before applying. Hard putty do not fit properly and becomes difficult to mold in shapes. If not applied evenly can cause its breakage early. To avoid any bad consequences of water leakage even after applying plumbers putty, make sure to learn how to soften plumbers putty. Such instructions are already given and mostly new plumbers putty bottle, usually comes in sealed packaging is already soft in nature. You just have to make a shape of it as the drainage or leakage demands and apply it. 

But if you have already owned a putty bottle and it was not closed airtight, chances are putty must have turned hard. To soften it you can spread the dough on your hand and by passing small pieces of it in the between the hands; the warmth of hands might relax or soften it. If not so, and you are not in rush then make use of flaxseed oil. To do this, pour some oil in the putty bottle and close it air tightly. Then, store it in a dry or cool place for a few days. It will surely make the putty flexible and it will be easier to use. 

Warning alert; do not microwave it.

Just do not do so, because the heat will not only harden it but also damage its sealant. Also, heating chemicals (plumbing chemicals) where food is being heated or prepared is very dangerous. 

Now you know how to soften plumbers putty, so let’s see how to apply it. As told above, do not apply putty on dried or broken putty. Before applying, make sure to remove all the old pieces of putty; if any part is left, it will cause water to pass through it and will result in spongy, uneven sealant and the risk of its breakage will be there. Once you witness the no dust or any tiny molecules of old putty then your place is ready for new putty installation. 

Before starting the applying process, make sure your hands are hot enough that heat in them can make the putty roll easily. This is for softening the old or new plumbers’ putty, as you know how the importance of soft putty. Now create the desired shape of the putty by rolling it in your hands. Start making a thin, soft and smooth texture snake shape and gently apply it into the ring in a way that it ensures tight-fitting and no risk of leakage. Do not rush to clean the excess putty as it will flow obviously; do not use water or knife to remove that instead, use a damp cloth and clean that. 

Plumbers putty dry time:

The most important part of them all is the plumbers putty dry time because the more you will give putty time to get dry the more it will last long. Better to give it several hours to dry out, if you will flesh water on it or open the tap, chances are it will destroy the putty and you have to repeat the cleaning and applying process.  In fact, putty bottles come with the instruction of its dry time duration, imply follow that and try to give it more time to fix, if you can because better to wait than using premature plumbers putty and regret later. 


Now you know how to clean plumber’s putty and with that you know, how to apply and do the plumber’s work on your own. Make sure, once you buy the plumbers putty bottle, after using it, keep the rest by closing its lid air tightly. If you will do so, no matter after how long you will open the bottle,, it will be soft and easy to use again.

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