How to clear mesquite trees

How to Clear Mesquite Trees: Things to Know

Wonder how to clear mesquite trees that actually live for 200 years and above? Yes, mesquite trees are known after their sharp, thorny, large, and devilish looks. It is not easy to clear them as they demand proper procedure to cut them. If not done correctly, many chances are there of regrowing in the same particular area. The reason for using a devilish word to present their looks is that they are known as devil trees too.

Mesquite trees are rarely found in some areas of the world. They thrive in dry environments, and once they find space and start growing, if not stopped properly can grow tall and might cover 40 feet or more of an area with their branch and many trunks. They look strange and give bad vibes to the other plants around them that poor plants die and never grow again, and mesquite trees expand its roots.

Some say that mesquite trees bleed, but this doesn’t mean they are going to be dead; receiving all the water makes the trunks split and make them bleed sap. Apparently, they look like they are in bad health but these tough trees tolerate this too and grow back to better health. 

Mesquite tree poison and mesquite tree benefits:

After knowing the appearance of mesquite trees, one always thinks of mesquite tree poison before the benefits it could have. Here the quote which says don’t judge a book by its cover make sense as mesquite trees not only have benefits for human but for animals too. The most common types of this tree are honey, screw bean, and velvet as the flowers are grown on them, help the bees collect nectar, their huge stems provide shade to the animals and birds love to sit on busy branches to keep them safe from any climatic disorder. And when humans go to woods, they use mesquite trees wood for setting up the fire as they are quite strong and hard. 

Such trees pods are high in fiber and can cause severe problems if consumed much by the human or any animal. But other parts of this tree are quite useful and can be used efficiently in different aspects like its leaves when soaked in water, help stimulating appetite if taken as a tea. Moreover, its wood can be used for making furniture and stuff; barks for making fabrics and weaving baskets, and much more. Even after having all of these benefits, mesquite trees are not preferred to be cultivated or growing in any area. People call them small weeds when they caught the sight of them growing around; they prefer to remove them, without giving it a second thought.

The reason for all this hatred is that they absorb all the water from the ground. This way the other plants growing around do not get enough of it and dies. In other words, mesquite trees cause destruction to others while growing themselves. 

How to remove mesquite trees?

People are mostly expert and know, how mesquite tree look like and eventually, remove them but they are so tough in nature that it’s hard to get rid of them, such trees can grow in any type of soil and in poor irrigation, it could be any place in your lawn, home garden, in forests or even in desserts. People owning gardens and areas with plants do not prefer its growth because of the water consumption it has had. 

One should never let it grow in the home garden as its consumption can cause severe digestive problems and the pollen available in the mesquite flowers is allergic in nature and results in fever. Not only this, it’s the trunk (basically the gum secreted from them) that has an irritating effect on people. But how to remove mesquite trees is one big question. They regenerate easily and mesquite trees are not like other plants that once you remove its roots, it’s gone. To remove them permanently, they need to be cut and their roots should be removed very carefully with no chances of repeated growth. 

If you have a tiny mesquite plant, clear it and use gloves while cutting it down; do not go after burning it as it will not be destroyed completely. Removing the bud zone is the permanent solution. Those who have tried burning it down claimed its growth doubles. 

Mesquite removal equipment

As told before, mesquite trees are not easy to get rid of; for this mesquite removal equipment is used. Equipment is used as per the size of the mesquite trees; for example, if the size is small then mowing young mesquite trees repeatedly can result in keeping the out of that area completely. Make use of an ax or saw if the size a bit tall which can’t be removed by mowing. Start cutting from the bottom; remove stems from the ground as much as you can. 

Other than the mesquite removal equipment method, the usage of chemicals like herbicide can help in permanent removal. Even after mowing and saw or ax method of clearing mesquite trees, spraying herbicide should be preferred; it will completely die the hopes of mesquite trees growing again.


No matter how many visible benefits of mesquite trees are, do not risk its growth in your garden or with other plants; it will cause their destructions. Now you know how to clear mesquite trees; so, make sure to use the herbicide spray in a timely manner for lessening the chance of this devil tree regrowth. Try to follow all the instructions given on the herbicides for their safe and lawful usage.

If you are not an expert and do not know if there is any mesquite tree growing in the garden, do not worry. Take a look at your other plants; if they seem unhealthy, it means something is soaking up their water. Call a gardener or plant expert and ask him to cut and spray timely. 

Keep your plants away from mesquite tree!

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