How to cut bamboo fencing? It would look great!

Let’s talk about fences. Those wired, posted or any limiting border you have between the garden or backyard of your house and the outside world around it. It does not matter how you do it or which materials you use for accomplishing this. The idea is the same: Making a boundary that can also look good.

There are so many materials you can use for doing your fences. Normally wood is the most used one, and for good reason. Depending of the kind of wood you can have just functionality; or you can also improve the appearance of the areas around your home. 

One of those kinds of wood used for fencing is bamboo. Bamboo can give that nice-looking presence that not only pandas would love. But the biggest worry is cutting them, given their strength. We are going to check how to cut bamboo fencing and see if it is that difficult at all.

Can you use just bamboo for fencing?

You have probably seen those wooded fences in movies and TV series from America, where just by hammering some pieces of the same cut wood to the floor around the garden and backyard is done. Not so fast with bamboo. Why is that? Can you use just bamboo for fencing?

In reality, bamboo can’t be used alone in the fencing. While it may look so cool, the features of this kind of wood does not give it that much strength to the elements, and may actually cost you more if you do not add some reinforcements and protection.

If you are asking how to cut bamboo fencing, you may be aware that, while by itself the bamboo is really tough, it can break at certain point. This is not the kind of behavior you want for the fencing that would be around your house.

Also, when elements attack, been these the rain, UV light from the sun, and pests, your nice bamboo fence could be weakened even more; at the point to make it brittle in a matter of time. You would need some type of treatment and the backup of another material to improve this situation.

What materials can be used for bamboo fencing?

When it comes to these types of fences, there are many materials that can be used for bamboo fencing. These materials can help to give the bamboo fence some support and make it even sturdier than already is. While you would know how to cut bamboo fencing later on, these materials are recommended to compliment the job you are trying to do.

First up, good old fence panel boards can do the trick. You could use any kind of wood, but you can use your typical wood for fences (the one that normally would be painted white and hammered to the ground, just like in the movies). The idea is to create a kind of slot where you would insert panels of bamboo screwed together to one of these. 

You can also make use of a chained fenced as an anchor point; but, you would be pretty much set up by using the metal posts in between each of the links. However, if you are using mostly wood to give support, you may require some soldering work to make use of the metal posts. This is a way to reuse an old fence without throwing all to the garbage bin.

How to cut bamboo for fences?

And now, into the main point of this publication. Not make mistakes, bamboo is still wood and can be cut. However, you may be wondering what is the best way to do it. How to cut bamboo fencing?

The best way how to cut bamboo for fences is by lining them up like panels you would assemble together. The idea is to use something big and straight like a piece of wood or metal; this can serve you as a ruler to make measurements and guide lines where to cut.

After having everything marked up, you could use your typical saw to cut the bamboo sticks continuously or one by one. This should be pretty straightforward since, as said before, bamboo is just like another kind of wood of many that exist… But one that pandas really like.

When you get every piece of bamboo cut to size, you can then proceed to assemble the panels by securing certain amount of bamboo sticks to one of those pieces of wood that slot that were mentioned before. Using screws or nails and grouping them together should do the trick.

After that, is just a matter of measuring the supports that would hold these structures. As an idea, this would look like a slot that can sustain these bamboo panels. Make sure to secure them after mounting them on the supports to improve strength.

Finally, let’s treat them against the elements from nature, pollution and pests. Using the chemicals and other products needed for this task, you can prolong the life of your bamboo fencing for many, many years. And since is bamboo, maintenance is low and fairly easy to do if you need to.


It may look like a lot of work (which it is if you have not done this before); but following the steps and recommendations you would know how to cut bamboo fencing, and mount it all around your house backyard and garden.

Remember to take your time measuring and marking the exact points where you are going to cut the bamboo sticks. You could use an old piece of metal or wood to mark these lines. It all depends on your perfectionism also; the fence it does not need to be as straight as you think. It is bamboo after all.

And finally, when everything is set and cut with a saw, you can mount it forming panel that can be secured by screws or nails. Those can be supported by stronger structures made from fence wood or metal.

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