How to cut through wood without a saw

How to Cut Through Wood Without a Saw

Cutting wood comes with tips and tricks. It is not easy for just everyone; it demands strength and the right position of the knife, saw or anything on the wood surface. Not only this, one has to wear protective gloves and the eye protection things along with safety shoes. You also need to cut wood in a place with no kid around to save them from any type of injury or harm. If you are a beginner and trying to cut wood for the first time then learn how to cut through wood without a saw. Undoubtedly, cutting with a saw makes the work a lot easier as its sharp edges cut the wood in just one attempt. But, before using the saw for the very first time, one has to learn a few tips like:

  • How to make wood easier to cut
  • How to cut wood with a knife 
  • How to cut wood with a drill

We will learn a bit about the above-mentioned things in this article; let it be clear that this is not to stop you from cutting wood from the saw. Also, saw comes in all shapes and sizes; one picks the type that suits the cutting shapes and the purpose. Not only this, electric hand saw are also taking place in the market because of the less man effort they require. They are a little tricky to use; but, if you follow all the guidelines it comes with and under any expert supervision then it’s easy to use. Reviews are those who have started using an electric hand saw; have lessened the use of manual saw in their daily work. 

Let’s learn about the above-mentioned points to master cutting wood: 

How to make wood easier to cut:

No matter which weapon you use for cutting the wood logs, you need to know how to make wood easier to cut. Before you start hitting the wood with a saw, knife, or anything, make sure to clean it. Chances are there are always bugs, insects stick to the wood. Not only this, remove dust and all the traces of dirt or mud from the wood. This makes cutting easier and helps in getting the fine logs. The color, grain, weight, and hardness of the wood tell a lot about its quality; observe the wood and then cut it. 

If you are going to cut wood in small logs than start cutting in from the center. Either you are a beginner or an expert, marking lines on the wood surface before cutting make the work easy. This will help you in cutting the wood in the right pieces without worrying or thinking to yourself; what if you have cut it the wrong way. Woodworking is an art and so the wood cutting is; even if you are cutting wood logs for the fire, you have to check the quality, size of logs, and the type of wood. Obviously, you will not bring the dirty or bad cut wood in the house, this is how it is; those who sell or cut the woods, learn a bit about them to make the task easy. 

 How to cut wood with a knife:

Telling others that you have cut the wood with a knife surely makes them surprise for a moment like how to cut wood with a knife. Here knife is not the common knife that we use in the kitchen for daily use but the special one, the survival type. Make sure that the blade of the knife is sharp enough that it does not stick in the middle of the cutting. After saw, sharp knives are famous for cutting the woods. Saws are made for cutting the woods; you can also use a knife to solve the no saw available problem. 

Before you move ahead with cutting, make sure you have checked the sharpness of the knife. If you find it less sharp, use a good quality file for its sharpening. Once your knife is ready to cut, you just can’t start cutting wood frequently as people do with a saw. Always remember, both weapons have their own terms and conditions. To use the knife, ask somebody to help you in holding the wood log in a slanting manner and ten starts cutting it slowly into pieces. Knives are mostly used for cutting the wood into smaller pieces. And this is how to cut wood with a knife. 

How to cut wood with a drill:

Cutting wood in particular shapes, sizes and design is an expert’s job. When it comes to cut wood with a drill, every step of how to cut wood with a drill should be completed with full effort and extreme care and finesse. Before using a drill, make sure to cover your eyes and mouth with safety glasses and mask and draw a straight line on the wood with a marker or pencil, visible enough that you do not lose track while cutting. Also, drill small multiple holes online in a way that they are apart equally, and cut it easily; keep doing this until you get the desire wooden piece. Once you are done drilling, use a sharp knife to smooth the sharp edges. 

If you ever notice a carpenter while using drill machines, then you must know that the wood they are cutting with the drill is always bigger in dimensions and this thing can be done on grounds or home floor, they have certain places for using the drill machines.


Choosing wood then cutting and molding it into the antique pieces for daily lifestyle done by carpenters is nothing less than an art. They are real artists too; they know how to cut through wood without a saw and also, how to cut wood with other things like axe, routers, lathe, hand plane or anything. Just do not forget to take the safety precautions if you are learning cutting wood at home or under an expert.

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