How to cut wood without power tools

How To Cut Wood Without Power Tools? Essential Tips And Tricks!

If you are someone that doesn’t have to deal with wood daily but you need to know how to cut wood without power tools then this is for you. Power Tools are expensive and are used by professionals and not something everyday people can afford or even make the most use out of. There are some cheap power tools, but for the most part, you are better off using reasonable alternatives that require a bit of effort but save money.

However, if you are someone that is in the wood cutting business, and have to do so all day, then you should look into power tools. Most modern carpenters use those, and it saves them a lot of time, effort, and money in the long run. For everyday consumers though, the investment isn’t exactly worth it.

How to cut wood without power tools – All the alternatives

How to cut wood by hand saw – Something basic but useful!

Most people that have to cut any form of food won’t require power tools. This is simply how it is in most households, and there plenty of alternatives to try out. The first, and most efficient way to do so, is by using a hand saw. But, you may be wondering how to cut wood by using a hand saw? Well, it’s not that hard.

First off, you need to get a hold of the wood that needs to be cut. Since most people only need wood for basic home purposes, you won’t need to spend too much on that. Now that you have a saw, you need a table or a bench that lets you place the wood easily on it. The next thing you want to do is draw a line using a pencil, which can provide you with a direction for the sawing process. After all of these steps are done, you can grip the wooden piece with one hand, and use your other hand to grab the saw from the grip area, and start sawing the piece of wood. Follow the line, and you will be done with the process in no time.

A hand saw doesn’t take a lot of effort to cut something and is very portable. If you can, make sure you purchase an expensive one, since you need something sharp and durable. Buying a cheap hand saw will only make the process harder, and you will need to apply a lot of pressure to even cut the smallest piece of wood. The sawing motion should be uniform, and make sure you don’t exert too much pressure, as it can tire you out.

How to cut wood with scissors – not really recommended!

Now, some people ask how to cut wood with scissors. This it is a bit of a complex issue. It depends on what kind of scissors you have, and how thick the piece of wood is. Regular scissors are pretty much useless when it comes to cutting most kinds of wood pieces. Maybe you can get by with cutting wooden sheets, but that is about it.

However, there is one overlooked type of scissor, that can actually be used for a lot of wood cutting purposes. Industrial scissors are huge, and very powerful tools. These can be up to 12 inches in length are easily cut through plywood that is up to 1/8 inch thick. They can even cut through hardwood provided it is panned down to 1/8 inch.

Again, the drawback of using scissors is that you can only target a straight direction with these. This is a cheap option; but, given how there is hardly ever the need to cut sheet sized wooden pieces, it isn’t recommended. Now, if your requirements are more suited for thinner wooden blocks, and all sorts of straight cuts, then go ahead with the scissors purchase.

How to cut a hole in wood without a saw – Not that hard

If you are wondering how to cut a hole in wood without a saw, then the solution isn’t that difficult. Ideally, the best way to make a hole is by using a drill. But, since that isn’t currently an option, you try different tools. You can use a variety of tools for this purpose; the most common one is using a knife or a chisel. Both these require a lot of effort. But, if you give it some time, these can make a pretty perfect hole for the most part.

Another option is to heat up an iron rod and insert this inside the wooden block. You will need to wear gloves and be careful when dealing with heat; however, this method can also prove useful. Keep in mind that doing this will also take some time and tries, and you might need to reheat the rod again. This is a very ancient method that was used by many carpenters in the army, and they would use iron rods to make holes from both sides to reduce the overall time it takes to make a hole in wood.


So, how to cut wood without using power tools? Well, for most people that don’t have to deal with wood on a daily basis, you don’t need to invest in serious power tools. These can be expensive, and frankly, if you aren’t a professional, you won’t see the return on your investment in the long run. For the most part, a hand saw is more than enough for wood cutting purposes and is cheap and reliable. Make sure you get a saw that is durable, and it will make the wood cutting process very easy.

There are other cheap tools that can be purchased, but we don’t recommend that you buy scissors, even industrial ones. These can’t usually cut thick blocks of wood, and most people will struggle to even cut regular wooden sheets.

Lastly, making holes in wood isn’t that complicated, though the easiest way is to use a drill. However, you can heat up an iron rod, and get similar results.

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