How to fix cabinet doors that overlap

How to fix cabinet doors that overlap? Easy thing to do!

There are many things in life that, when new, they were perfect. Nice finishes, perfect gaps, and smooth operation. That is the case for things like cabinets all around your kitchen for instance. 

But as time passes, and the use increases, the sometime in the past; good and nice cabinets doors start to drift away from their intended position. Normally, you would go mad to complain at their manufacturers and that is a good reason for that. 

However, having these cabinet doors that do not close properly could be solved without any additional help from a third person. In fact, there are many ideas on how you could do it yourself with things you already have at home. Let’s see what are those things and how to fix cabinet doors that overlap; or do not close correctly as intended by the creators.

Why cabinet doors can overlap?

Everything in life suffers when time passes. And that is not only limited to human and other living beings. The amount of use you can give to certain objects with mobile parts can loosen, weaken, crack, or even destroy these ones at an unexpected moment.

Moving parts in cabinets are not exempt from this golden rule of time. Normally, the hinges would start to lose functionality as time goes by; being detached from their supports, getting their screws loosened, having poor lubrication, and so many other things that can go wrong.

If you have that question “how to fix cabinet doors that overlap” in your mind, the first thing that is recommended to look for is the state of the hinges. This is mainly why cabinet doors can overlap. Since the hinges are not at the original position as when they were at the first time, the doors would not align at the points they should be in. 

Mistakes during building can also lead to overlapping cabinet doors. In these cases, it is best to contact the seller or manufacturer directly if you have warranty for this furniture. They could probably send a handyman to solve the issues without cost, or replace the entire thing.

How to check overlapping cabinet doors?

The best approach in how to check overlapping cabinet doors is by direct observation at the hinges. This is the area where normally the doors would become misaligned; or worse, completely detached. Basically, this is the first step in how to fix cabinet doors that overlap.

Second idea is to check if the doors are loose when opening or closing the cabinet. Apart from the obvious that is a badly positioned hinge (this would occur for a multitude of reason, some of which were explained above); if the door was not installed correctly it may also produce this effect.

You could repair this behavior by dislodging the doors from the hinges, and making sure the hinges are not floating or loose in their sockets. If that is the case, tight the screws that sustain these parts. Sometimes, if they are the ones that can be easily accessed, you may not need to actually disassemble the doors at all. 

And finally, see how bad it is overlapping. Do the doors bang each other more than an inch? It may be possible that the hinges are not working as intended anymore and may need replacement. Even, take a look on the state of the wood of doors and the cabinets. If they are moldy or sound hollow, you would need to inspect them for termites and other wood menaces.

How can I repair my overlapping cabinet doors?

After you checked out the doors, hinges and the cabinets for potential points of damage, wear and tear, you may be wondering then; how can I repair my overlapping cabinet doors? The truth is, there are many, many tricks to try when it comes to fixing these problems.

In order to answer how to fix cabinet doors that overlap, go first for the hinges since those are the moving parts of the entire cabinet. Moving parts are the first things to go wrong in any object and thus, the first ones you should look for when something does not work as designed.

If the cabinet is new and you think you can fix it without needing help from the manufacturer or the seller, you could try putting a towel between the doors and closing them to allow the hinges to bend a bit and get into the position they should be. You can also do this manually by bending them with a flat head screwdriver.

If your cabinet is not that new, check if the hinges are loosened, or if their screws are actually tightened enough to avoid the hinges to move. If they are, take your screwdriver and tighten them up. Sometimes it would not require to dismount the doors at all.

Finally, check for physical damage. If the wood is not in the best condition, this may cause misaligned doors that would not close properly. In this case, you may need the help of a carpenter to fix the issues related with wood.


To wrap things up, the task of how to fix cabinet doors that overlap should not be as hard as you may think before reading this. With a bit of creativity and using the tools you already have around you home, mostly a screwdriver, you can repair this annoying behavior on the cabinet doors.

In any case, you should always start by looking up the moving parts, the hinges which can probably become dislodged with the time, screws being loosened, or being bent after all those times opening and closes.

If that is the case, you can try to fix them yourself by tightening the screws with a screwdriver, or putting them at a position where they can allow the doors to close easily by bending them back. Also, check if anything on the wood changed at all. If that’s so, a carpenter may be just your best friend for these kinds of repair jobs.

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