How to get rid of mesquite trees

How to get rid of mesquite trees? It can be tough!

Some things in life can be as easy as can be. You could just find the solution on Internet and that will be the end of it. But with the plant we are talking about today… You are going to needs lots of patience.

The mesquite tree. Those trees that seemingly pop out of nowhere and are really well known to be very hard to kill, especially in some places like Texas in the United States where the weather can be really severe on them. These plants can definitely take a beating.

But when it comes to your home garden, you would probably want to know how to get rid of mesquite trees if they somehow managed to grow in your area. Coming up, there are some tips for you to try to “kill” (if that is even possible) this very enduring species of plant. Maybe heavy cavalry could be necessary (just joking)

What makes the mesquite tree so durable?

There are some kinds of plants that are known as perennials, the kind of which can survive many situations like getting cut by the leaves. A good example of it would be the oregano, a plant used in cooking and even natural medicine.

In similar ways, this is what makes the mesquite tree so durable. They are well-known to be perennial plant that can survive many mistreatments, many droughts, and even fires. But the thing they survive the most is humans. This is also why answering how to get rid of mesquite trees can be somewhat complicated.

This incredible species of trees can survive being chopped up, lit on fire, some herbicides, the use of large equipment on them and many other things people had tried all of the time. This is probably the kind of plant that can survive a zombie apocalypse for that matter.

However, they are still living beings and death is a part of their lives as well. When you put in the work, you can stop these trees from growing anymore in your garden with some ideas.

Can diesel kill mesquite trees?

After having discussed why the mesquite trees are so resistant to many things we try to do to kill them, let’s talk about some actual methods how to get rid of mesquite trees. And first up, let’s try to blow them up with some fuel!

Well, that’s what you would think when you see questions like can diesel kill mesquite trees on the Internet. But diesel does not work that way. It is not like gasoline (or just gas, like Americans say), that can literally explode given its volatility.

Instead, diesel can be used on mesquite trees just like you would do with some herbicides. Treat it like a chemical, which it is. However, you would need to follow some guidance when it comes to applying it on the tree.

In the case of the mesquite trees, you would need to get down to the stump in order to apply it. You could use a machete, a handsaw or even a chainsaw if you have it around (or just contract a pro in your area). Also, when you get down to that part, leave some to get some grip to pull it out.

Now you pour the diesel can all over the stump, right? Not so fast! Being a chemical, you do not want to affect other plants around. Use a brush to apply diesel to the stump, but like fast! This plant is so hard to kill, it would start to regenerate itself after just 30 minutes, which is impressive.

Again, as said before: Be careful with diesel and other chemicals. Too much of it or you dropping it to the ground can be lethal to other species of plants and even affect the groundwater down there. You do not want to be charged for pollution either, right?

What else can I do to remove mesquite trees?

We already talked about how to get rid of mesquite trees by using chemicals like diesel, but you could also be wondering if it is possible to get completely rid of a mesquite tree by removing it. So, what else can you do to remove mesquite trees?

As we know, these trees can be a challenge to eliminate given their natural ability to restore themselves and regrow again. This is next level, very Terminator like. However, as of that movie character, mesquite trees can be “terminated” with a complete removal.

Now, to be able to do that you need to know what are you facing. Mesquite trees are very, very hard. Their wood is qualified as a hard wood and for a good reason. That could be a good use for all that wood you will be chopping away from it. So, gather the best tools you can and avoid using a wood chipper. It is not enough for this tree; it would literally eat that tool away.

Another ability these trees have is that of creating very long roots that can survive without a top. If you can get that deep enough to remove them, you limit the possibility of a mesquite tree to grow again. Either way, if you can’t remove the problem entirely, at least limit the growth by the above method, or just managing it to avoid interfering with other plants and objects in your garden.


After all this, you can conclude that how to get rid of mesquite trees is a very hard question to solve, given that these trees can regenerate themselves, have very strong and hard wood and can survive even the most severe of fires, starting their regrowing process in a matter of minutes.

Chopping these trees away can present also a problem. They could grow stronger and with a bigger quantity of bushes. If you are going to do it, think about this before you take the chainsaw. Getting to the stump and brushing it with diesel or another chemical can stop the growth from happening… But it is still chemicals, so be careful while using them.

And when it comes to removing it, these trees can have long, deep roots that can grow even when there is not a top over them. In this case, and if you can, go and remove them entirely. 

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