How to get tar off your hands

How To Get Tar Off Your Hands? Handling A Sticky Situation!

Tar is a sticky substance that is more commonly found on construction sites. However, unlike what most people assume, you can get tar from a lot of different places; this includes common areas like the beach. It is always annoying to get tar on yourself and you might be wondering how to get tar off your hands especially? This is never an easy situation; but, there are a few methods you can try to mitigate the situation.

Tar can get all over your skin, hair, and even your clothes. If you notice any burning sensation or feel like your hand is bleeding inside make sure to get medical aid as soon as possible. Getting tar out of your skin, hands or clothes is a pain; but, it can become a little pain as well since it can damage your skin severely at times.

How to get tar off your hands – Tips and Tricks

How to remove tar? – A bit tricky

First off you must assess how much damage has been done to your hands. If you feel a burning sensation, immediately put your hand under cold running water. This will stop the burning sensation until you can visit a doctor and see how much damage has been done. However, if you don’t exactly feel any pain or are experiencing a  burning sensation then you can be wondering how to remove tar without a trip to the doctor. Well, there are a few remedies you can try at home.

To start, run your hand through cold running water. See if that slowly hardens the tarred area so that it can be easily scraped off. If you feel any pain in this process, stop doing it immediately; continue icing your hand using some ice cubes. Another thing that you can try is to apply liquid soap to your hand and see if that helps in any form. Liquid soap softens the layer and for most people, this is how they can remove the tar by easily scraping it off.

If these remedies didn’t work out for you, you can move on to different food items available at your home.

First, try applying mayonnaise on your hand and see if that mitigates the pain of the hardening on your skin. You can also apply butter that has been warmed a little and continue to rub your tarred area until it feels moist and scrapable. Alternatively, you can use different kinds of oils; this includes Baby, Sunflower, Canola, and even Olive Oil.  You can also use hand lotions that soften the tarred area and allow you to peel it off safely.

Now it should be noted that this process takes a while. You might have to keep applying these food products for some time. It can take up to 20 minutes to fully come off. And, you need to be gentle and patient throughout the process. After most of the tar has come off you can now apply some petroleum jelly to moisten and protect the tarred area. Please avoid using any Chemicals like kerosene oil or any nail polish remover. These materials can have a chemical reaction to the skin; meaning, they can cause even more damage than the tar itself.

How to get tar off hair – Be very careful!

Getting tar on your skin is one thing but how to get tar off hair? You need to be careful in any case; whether it is your skin or your hair, but in the case of your hair, you have to be extra careful since it is close to your head. Some people recommend that heating your hair between iron and cloth can easily get the tar out, but that sounds a bit too dangerous in my opinion. There are much easier and safer ways to get tar out of your hair without needing to take a heating iron out.

Like we mentioned earlier, oils can be used to remove tar from your skin; that is the same thing that we can use for our hair. For this, it is preferred that you warm up some oil, preferably olive oil if you have access to it. Now that you have some warmed up olive oil you can start applying it to the area affected by the tar. Let the oil rest for at least 30 minutes; then, wash it off with cold water. You must allow the oil to do its job and take the tar off your hair individually. Ideally, you want to be in a position where your hair is in a downward direction while you are running it through cold water. This will not only remove all tar but the extra oil that is being used for this process.

If you feel that there is still some tar left in your hair, you can repeat the process by applying more oil. Then, wait for at least 30 minutes, and finally rinse your hair with cold water. This is a safe and easy way to get tar out of your hair.


So in conclusion, how to get out of your hands? Well, for the most part, it isn’t that hard but it does require some patience and time. Getting tar out of your skin, especially your hands can be done by running it through cold water and using some kind of liquid soap. If that doesn’t work out for you, you can use home items including mayonnaise, oils, and lotions. After you have removed most of the tar, you can apply petroleum jelly to ensure that it isn’t damaged further.

If you get tar stuck in your hair then you can do the same thing by applying olive oil into your hair and letting it sit for a few minutes, after which you can simply wash it out with cold water. If you are feeling any kind of burning sensation or pain, it is recommended that you get medical aid immediately after you have washed it with some cold water.

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