How to Hang Double Curtains Without a Double Rod

How to Hang Double Curtains without a Double Rod

Have you ever found yourself in a situation of having many curtains to hung up but only have a single rod? You can always learn how to hang double curtains without a double rod to achieve your desired, layered look. The best way to attain this is by layering your curtains. 

A double curtain rod can allow you to hang two different curtains on a single rod. And you may  use each of them independently. If you cover your windows well, they can be an extension of an interior design. You may also end up with a decorative touch to your room and versatile window treatments. 

There are different ways you may employ to hang double curtains without a double curtain rod. To give your window a two-dimensional look, use a metal or a simple bar  You may also tie a cord or a rope between the two curtain rod hooks. 

Modifying a single curtain rod into a double

1. Acquire a curtain rod conversion set.

2. Detach the current curtain rod and the curtain from the bracket hooks.

3. Keenly detach the current hardware and brackets.

4. Join the bracket hooks and hardware to the partition. Use a levelling tool to ascertain the curtain row is even when positioned.

A Double Curtain Rod

Do you want to give your window a designer look? A double curtain rod allows you to hang two layers of curtains. This will add a dimensional look to the window.

4 Steps on How to install a Double Curtain Rod

1.    Decide on where to place your brackets

If you put the brackets higher on the wall, your room will appear spacious. At least 4 inches above the top of a window frame, mount the brackets. They should be 2-3 inches out from the sides of your window frame. With these, the rods will hang over the edge and the windows appear wider.

2.     Make the bracket placement

Lightly draw horizontal lines using your level where you decide to install each bracket. This will make the brackets line up evenly. You can hold the first bracket up to the mark put on the wall where the screw hole is. Do this for the rest.

3.    Mount the brackets

If you’re not screwing the brackets in a stud, use wall anchors. Screw them into the screw marks made. This increases installation strength. Line your brackets back on your wall and screw the top screw through the bracket hole into the wall. Do this for the bottom screw also.

4.    Time to hang your curtains!

You can now put your first set of curtains on the rod. Position the rod on your bracket and use the level to ensure it is hanging straight. Do it for the front curtains.  Put the end crowns on the rods.

The Bungee Cord Curtain Rod Method

Bungee cord is made of a thick elastic cord hooking at both ends. If you use a bungee cord curtain rod, it can be a stylish way to upgrade your curtains. 

What you’ll require:

  1. Bungee cord slashed to your wished extent.
  2. Curtain holders pinned up on the wall.
  3. Hangings

4 clear steps to install the Bungee Cord Curtain Rod

  • Measure the length of the bungee cord rod at least four to five inches past where the rod and holders are on the wall. This additional length is used to tie the holders of the curtain rod.
  • You’ll tie the bungee in front or back of your rod on the hook. This depends on if you may need the curtain sheet at the anterior or behind of the main curtain. 
  • Put the layer of the hanging through the bungee cord curtain rod after securing the bungee end. Tie the other edge of the bungee rod to the other  curtain hook, until the curtain is strung up. You can finally fuzz the viewpoints of your sheer, hence, the bungee can’t stick out. 

How to hang Double Curtain without a double rod – by using Curtain Rings

Another technique used to pin-up two different curtains on one rod is curtain rings. To use this tip, you may want to ensure each of the curtains has a twirl where the curtain hoop can go in. The hoops can go around the rod with a curtain band around them. 


  • Find out how many rings are required and where to place them. 
  • You can line the rings out and put them on the rod. This will make the loops and rings stay in the order you may want.
  • You can make a loop at each edge of the sheer. Place a hoop through the hole in the area  you may want through the sheer. 

Coat Hooks – to hang two different curtains on one rod

If you are not a fan of rods, but still in need of double curtains, use coat hooks. The only equipment needed for this procedure is coat hooks. They however have to be strong to hold heavy curtains. Place the coat hook along the walk to the length you want to put your curtains. 


  • Start by counting the coil in your curtain. Know how many holders you’re going to need.
  • Measure the distance between the loops and place the hooks on the wall.
  • Finally, pin-up your curtain without a double curtain rod!


Your curtains will add style to your room with these tips. You don’t have to hire an expert when you know how to hang double curtains without a double row. Take charge of your room and control the amount of light and visibility you have through your windows. 

You may hang two curtains on a single rod, but they’ll remain fixed unless you hold them open using a curtain tieback or hold back. In an hour or less, you can give your window a stylish and elegant look leaving your interior a sight behold. 

Take your time to plan properly. Your plan will follow the process and the result is much more pleasant. Once done, you may then enjoy your privacy and light afforded by a sheer curtain as well as the style of the outer opaque curtain. You’ll save money when armed with everything there is to know. 

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