How to Keep Patio Umbrella From Falling Over

How to Keep Patio Umbrella From Falling Over: 9 Best Tips

A patio umbrella can help you when it comes to relaxing and appreciating the feel of fresh air outside your house. You can sit with your family, friends, and relatives and just have a good time under this umbrella. This feeling is nice. But, wait a minute, what if your patio umbrella falls and hurts you or the people around you? What if it destroys valuable items around it? This can be so annoying and frustrating. It may be falling over by accident or because of the wind. A patio umbrella is outdoor leisure equipment. It is not supposed to make you feel tense while you are under it. It is important to take precautions before you experience a worst-case scenario. This helps you not fear the umbrella will fall. There are many methods on how to keep patio umbrella from falling over.  9 most crucial ones are;

1.    Get a Heavy Umbrella Base

Using a base that has a shape and diameter not the same as the umbrellas pole can mess you up. The base is vital as it is a source of stability to the whole umbrella. 

A good base needs to be heavy and safe. This is to withstand high forces. An umbrella base is supposed to complement the umbrellas model. The best bases are made of cement or granite. 

Some umbrellas are sold with a base while some are sold without. In case there is no base sold with the patio then you can make one yourself. 

You can do this if you cannot get a good one that suits you. You can make one out of a bucket filled with sand or rocks.

2.   Add Weight – How to Weigh Down Patio Umbrella 

Do you know how to weigh down patio umbrella? Some bases bought do not have the required weight to keep the patio umbrella in place in case there is wind. 

Extra weight should be added to the base to give the umbrella enough support hence keep the whole umbrella in place.

3.    Close the Umbrella

Many umbrellas have manuals that give you notice to close them when it’s windy. Closing your umbrella leads to a small surface area exposed. 

The wind will not exert pressure on the umbrella. This due to the less surface area is acted upon by wind. You can use a strap to keep your umbrella closed during windy days. 

Strong winds coupled with a lack of tight screws can be dangerous to your patio umbrella. Ensure you are up to date with the weather. This will make you protect your umbrella since you will be informed on how to keep patio umbrella from falling over. 

You can also follow the instructions from the weather forecast. From this, you will know the wind speed that your umbrella can bear. This you will shop for the right umbrella.

4.    Quality Stands – Understand How to Keep Patio Umbrella From Spinning

It is important to take note of how to keep patio umbrella from spinning. You can always go for a high-quality stand. A good umbrella stand should hold the pole tight. 

If you pull up on the rod it should release from the stand. This will help keep the umbrella on the stand. It also prevents the spinning of the pole that results from the wind.

5.    Air Vents

An umbrella requires proper circulation of air in the canopy. This will allow air to escape at the top. In the absence of these vents, an umbrella may fly away when the winds are too strong. 

Patio umbrella does have one vent for the heat ventilation and the wind. In any case, you feel the wind is a concern, go for a dual vent patio umbrella. An extra vent will prevent an umbrella from dropping due to the wind.

6.    Umbrella Frames

The frames are made from fiberglass, aluminum, or wood. Even though they cannot prevent the umbrella from falling. It is vital to have one that is durable and can resist falls. 

Buyers prefer aluminum the most since it is both durable and affordable. It also does not rust and it’s resistant to corrosion. Wood is less durable compared to aluminum and fiberglass which is the best. 

It is more flexible thus favorable in windy areas. It is expensive than the other two frames.

7.    Use a Patio Table

A patio table should have a hole in the middle. This will support the umbrella pole. When you use a strong patio table, the umbrella will be protected. 

The table will give support for your patio umbrella and be used for placing food, drinks, and having social gatherings.

8.    Don’t Go For Plastic or Wood Frames

These frames are cheap and do break easily. You can go for either aluminum, steel, or fiberglass. You can go for the material you need.

9.    Be ready for the winds

Does going against the wind help on how to keep patio umbrella from falling over? If you live in a windy and stormy area, you can track the storm and wind cycle.

This will ensure you take precautions by closing the umbrella in advance. You can install your umbrella close to the buildings or fences to improve shelter to the umbrella.

Final thoughts

There are ways on how to keep patio umbrella from falling over.  Take care of your patio umbrella and do not entertain repeated falls. 

Having a patio space for purposes like social events and relaxation should be safe. The area should not stress you up for the fear of accidents. 

The falls can be scary and you can act with immediate effect to prevent damages resulting from the storm and wind. You can check on the base and its weight and confirm that it’s okay. 

You can close the umbrella when not in use. Endure the stand is of high quality. Go for the air vent patio umbrella. Also, check on the quality of the frame of your umbrella. 

You can also prepare for the winds. Use the right patio table and you can avoid plastics or wooden frames. Remember to keep tracking the weather pattern.

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