How to Keep Small Bugs from Coming Through Screens

How to Keep Small Bugs from Coming Through Screens

No matter what season we are in, bugs and insects surprise us out of nowhere when we least expect them. But we can’t blame the season but the hygiene. We are tempted to let in a cool breeze during the summer season, little knowing that we are inviting bugs in. Read on to learn how to keep small bugs from coming through screens.  There is no denying that bugs play a very important role in balancing the ecosystem, but we ought to find ways of stopping them from coming in through the screens without actually killing them. 

We sometimes go out in the evening only, and we return home we are welcomed with dozens of flies flying around the room and do you know what’s worse? Are you sharing your TV screen with a bunch of bugs crisscrossing while watching your favorite Netflix series? So, we advise you to close the doors and windows when you go out, and what is more important, learn how to keep small bugs from coming through the screens. 

How to keep bugs off your screen

To effectively keep bugs off your screens, use insect repellants. There are so many varieties of repellants you can use as a spray inside your house to keep bugs and insects at bay. These repellants have a nasty smell to bugs while leaving a great aroma for us humans. You will likely need to spray your screens and windows daily, especially during heavy bug season, normally summer and spring. Keeping bugs off-screen using a spray of essential oils is one way to repel insects and bugs successfully. If this method didn’t solve your bug issues, turn to citronella oil. Bugs hate the smell, and they will vanish immediately they feel its presence. But the easiest way to keep away open trash or pet food away from your home. 

Tiny bugs coming from window

You may be wondering what attracts small bugs to the window screen and how you can easily find them around the windowsills because it is their favorite hangout place. So, why the tiny bugs coming from window? Even when the windows are tightly closed, they still find the way through the mesh. If you want to know what really attracts bugs through the window, you must investigate a few things: wet, grease, and mold. Tiny bugs confuse grease around mesh for food while fungi and mold are actually food to them. These tiny bugs find their way into the room; they attract other insects, which attack them for food. It is not uncommon to find bugs and insects flying and sticking around lights in the house, and it is because they confuse light for food. 

Knowing what attracts the bugs into our homes is one step forward in fighting bugs, but we can do more to deal with them. Once these insects and bugs get in, it is almost impossible to kick them out. The only card remaining is to eliminate them even when we know we are going against ecosystem, our comfort at home comes first. Spray them mercilessly with bug repellants.

Bug repellant

If you are asked the easy solution to keep small bugs from coming through the screens, spraying with bug repellants is the only viable solution you can mention. You can find many types of bug repellants in stores near you; pick the most recommended option. There are two application options; the first is to spray at the bugs directly, kill them instantly, or chase them away, ensure you close the eyes and the nose while spraying for safety reasons. Secondly, before the evening comes, spray the window screens to repel bugs from coming in. Either way, these repellants will work for a few hours, and it requires regular spraying. Keep in mind that some people are allergic to bug repellants, so choose options wisely. 

Natural bug repellants

If you must leave the windows open and want to keep bugs from entering your homes, there are natural ways to keep bugs away. Apple cider vinegar is the ultimate solution that stops bugs instantly from entering in. Fill cups with vinegar and place them on every entrance like the doors, screens, or doors, and it will keep insects and bugs from entering our homes. Additionally, keep all unnecessary light bulbs off because it attracts bugs and insects. You can also use mosquito nets on all potential entrances for the bugs and insects. Natural bug repellants work really well. Another natural way to enjoy bug-free homes during summer or spring is to place transparent plastic bags filled with water at all entrances to the house. Mosquitoes specifically will quit entering in and concentrate on the water in transparent plastic bags. 

Now that you know how to bug proof window screens, you can also try the natural bug repellants. These natural tricks on how to bug proof window screens are very effective, and you should try them at home if evening bugs at home has become a menace. 


Now you know what attracts bugs to your home and how to keep small bugs from coming through the screens. You are now set to enjoy the summer breeze without fear of bugs sitting on your food or your rooms. However, maintaining cleanliness is key in fighting a bug and fly’s menace. Placing curtains helps deter bugs from easily finding their way inside. Food for your pet is a beautiful attraction of bugs inside; keep them closed or away from home. Repair or replace broken windows as soon as they are discovered and cover every possible opening where bugs might find their way by squeezing in. We know it is not easy to expel bugs or insects already inside the house. Still, we can use repellants directly to eliminate, especially essential oils, making the rooms inhabitable for insects while emitting beautiful aroma; take precautions for humans who are allergic to repellants by choosing options that are less allergic. 

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