How to keep spiders away from bed

How to Keep Spiders Away From Bed

Had a hectic day and thought of having a sound sleep once you get home, keep you stable throughout the way at home, and the moment you get into bed and about to sleep, viewing an eight-legged beast in your bedroom sends a chill down your spine and made you lose your sleep and cry out then you are not alone in this case. Most people are afraid of spiders like if you ask 5 people then I am pretty sure, 4 of them will be afraid of this mini creature, this information is just to keep you calm. So, how do you keep spiders away from bed?

Even though that spider is walking on the wall and busy making his web, far from your bed but how to keep spiders away from bed is the only thing you can think so far. Rare are the cases when the spider’s come on your bed and walk over your sleeping body because mostly they find any corner of the room or thing and stick to that place. Anyway, here I am going to help with keeping the spider away, not only from the bed but from your home, read all the effective tips below to get rid of them.

So, what attracts spiders in the house?

I don’t know if you have ever noticed one thing I people who catch the sight of the spider at their house so let me tell you, there are two types of people, one welcomed the arrival of spider in their home because they think it’s the sign of a healthy home as spider lives in clean places while on the other hand, some call the above-mentioned thing as a myth because spiders are spotted making their webs in a messy room and dusty dark areas. 

So what attracts spiders in the house, the dust or the cleanliness? You tell me, how was your room condition when you spotted this little monster around? Because I have seen them making their big webs in the basements, chimneys, inside and outside of the crannies and nooks, behind and under the furniture, in the bathrooms and storerooms, so according to me the thing that attracts them in the house is their prey, as all species of insects are their favorite food. More variety of insect species in the house means a list or varieties on the menu of spiders. Having these spiders around is the way to get rid of all the little creations like; cockroaches, mosquitoes, and flies and grow better clean surroundings. 

Spider repellent:

Now you know how good are these little monsters to keep the insects away from you but no matter what, we all want to get rid of their scary sight. What if they eat all the insects in your room and once you fall asleep, a spider fly on your bed or gets into the sheets? For this, all you need a spider repellent spray to kill them, if you cannot spray this to them directly as the thought of them falling on the floor and running around in the room scares you then try to bring electronic repelled in the house, this will not only keep the spiders away but all the other insects too.

Better to pick the spider and move it to the ground or outside the home, if you can’t do so then spider repellent sprays or electronic ones are the best to have, best for the houses with kids and adorable pets like cats as they eat them. 

What smells do spiders hate?

Do you know, we all have spiders somewhere in the house, no matter how clean or messy you keep your home, spiders are always hiding somewhere, they just pops out when we are least expecting them and scare the shit out of us. Just like any other creature on this planet, spiders are also allergic to some smells and things and if they place with such stuff they run for their lives and never return. 

Let me guide you with what smells do spiders hate, they hate all the smells that we humans enjoy having around mostly like the smell of cinnamon, coconut, and peppermint (essential) oil, vinegar smell, the scent of mint oil, tobacco, and even lavender oil smell. All of them are always available in one’s house and keeping them to the places where spiders pop up, eliminates the chances of their existence. 

If not so you can also have chestnut things in your home, where they are known for adding charm into the interior of the house, they are also good for keeping the spiders away as they contain a thing that they hate.

Also add lemon peels in the list of what smells do spider hate as sprinkling or rubbing them on the places where spider make their home, will not let them settle. Instead of sprinkling, you can also burn citrus scented candles in the house as this helps in keeping all the insects including spiders away from that particular area. 

Does Vicks keep spiders away?

Running out of all the options and home remedies for keeping the spider away at the time of night, do not worry, grab your Vicks. Now I am sure you must be wondering that does Vicks keeps the spiders away, and then yes, its strong odor is one of the smells that spiders hate. You can use it for keeping them away and enjoy a sound sleep.


While looking for how to keep the spiders away from bed, you, now know how to keep them away from your house as well. Avoid putting too much stuff under your bed or in the house altogether as such places attract the insects and motivate them to build their homes in them. Also, do not let cobwebs grow big; dislodge them immediately if you spot any. 

Try to put them out and let them live, if you have courage other than killing them.

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