How to lock a door without a lock

How To Lock A Door Without A Lock? Everything You Need To Know!

We have all been in a situation where a door doesn’t have a lock or the lock is broken. You might be wondering how to lock a door without a lock, in such a situation. There are plenty of things you can do, to save yourself from embarrassment or get the privacy that you require. These are all temporary solutions and until you can get a lock installed on the door. However, it is possible that you might be living or staying at a place temporarily and need a solution without actually having to install a lock.

Most of these methods work one way, and from the inside. This means that you can lock a door from the inside and only open it from the inside as well. These are helpful tips for anyone who is stuck in a situation like this and doesn’t want their privacy to be violated.

How to lock a door without a lock – Using mostly household items!

How to lock a door with a fork – A handy method!

The first method on how to lock a door a lock involves a fork. That may sound odd to you and you may be asking how to lock a door with the fork?  The answer isn’t that complicated. First, you need a fork that you don’t want to use for anything other than this lock. Now you need to somehow bend the fork in a way that the middle part of it it is a bit bent inwards. Apply enough pressure and break it from the middle portion, after which the fork will be separated into the handle and the part with the prongs. 

After this, you can simply insert the prong portion inside the slit between the door, and the wall frame. Now, wedge the handle inside the prongs. There you have it, a simple lock that works perfectly well, and doesn’t require much effort or any money. If for whatever reason, the handle keeps slipping, you can use a rubber band to hold the lock in place. Now, keep in mind that this method works for smaller doors, and not main doors. If you are in a bathroom, and it doesn’t have a lock, you can use this method, and it will be enough for the time being.

How to lock a door with a sock – Something of a last resort 

Now, this method is something of a last resort. Based on reading the title you may be wondering how to lock a door with the sock; believe it or not, it’s pretty easy. For this, you need a sock, the longer and thicker it is the better. After you have a sock you, want to open the door from the inside, and then take the sock and fold it. After which you can place it on the top side of the door to form a wedge. Now you can close the door with the sock inside the wedge. This will make sure that the door is locked firm and tight; you can even test it out by lightly trying to pull the door open. To remove the sock lock simply grab hold of the door handle and the sock and pull them both together at the same time.

This will easily open the door and the lock will be removed. If someone is trying to open the door from the outside they won’t be able to. And, you will get feedback showing you that there is someone there.

This is a quick and dirty method that works out most of the time and you won’t need to use a fork, but just a sock. Something to note while making a sock lock is to be careful with your hand as you are closing the door and not to get it stuck between the wedge and hurt your fingers.

Portable door lock – A Cheap Solution

Now, if you travel a lot and want a lock that you can carry around, you can invest in a portable door lock. These can be purchased from all major websites including Amazon for around $17 to $20. Some premium locks can even cost up to $30 to $45, but for the most part, those function the same as the cheaper ones. These locks are conveniently sized and can work within seconds. You can apply the lock from both the inside and outside without any problems. This makes sure that no one else can tamper with the lock, because of the key provided with the lock. 

These locks can be adjusted to the thickness of any door and can be carried around easily within a pouch. This is quite possibly the best option if you are looking for a way to lock a tour without a lock. This is especially handy if you travel a lot and are always on the road, staying at motels and different kinds of Bnbs. Not everyone is keen about maintaining their privacy; if you are the sort of person who is, then you need some way to lock doors.


So how to lock a door without a lock?  Well, as we discussed earlier, there are plenty of ways one can do so by using household items like a fork or even a sock. Both these methods require minimal effort; they can serve as functional locks till you have a proper one installed. However, it is important to know that these locks function from the inside. So, you can’t lock your home and leave with these methods. These locks are there to ensure that you are privately inside a room; for example, a bathroom.

If you can spare some cash then it is best to purchase a portable door lock. This usually costs roughly around $20 and can be used for traveling and while you are staying at places that don’t have locks on their doors.

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