How to Lock Door From Outside

How To Lock Door From Outside In 7 Easy Steps

Do you know the door to your house is supposed to be an attractive spot that enhances the curb usefulness of your property? Your door is supposed to show a pleasant and inviting space. The door signifies how the inner part of your house is a great place to live in. You have to ensure your door is safeguarded against unwanted persons. There is an enormous concern that you may have with your door is either it’s not supported or protected nice enough because of the locks. If your door has a shaky lock then it may be easy for someone to bust in. You have to go for a high-quality door. The door is the main locale for robbers to break into your house. A thief may want to unlock your door or even break it. It can be awful if the locks are loosened or easy to remove. You can protect your door from unwanted access. There are 7 ways on how to lock door from outside;

1.    Lock With a Keypad – Understand How to Lock Door Without Lock or With a Lock

This is one of the ways of how to lock door without a lock. You can consider buying a keypad for your door lock. This will create an extra valuable and strong structure for entering your house. With a keypad, you may have to enter numbers before you can access your house door. A keypad utilizes a modest format which you can program by yourself. You can use temporary codes lasting for a short period. Some have security spotlights that can lock you out if you do not insert the right assortment with a given number of trials. This may block people from trying to insert unpredictable numbers to unlock the door. You can use this alongside your key-based bolt. This may comprise a minor override portion on the keypad that allows you to manually unlock your door in case of the batteries in the keypad running out of power or it’s not working.

2.    Buy a portable door lock – Portable Door Lock From Outside.

Is a portable door lock from outside effective? A feel of security in your house or when out of your house is vital. If you stay in a rental house many people access the place. If you have neighbors, locking your door when you’re away gives you a feeling of security. A portable door lock can give you peace of mind. It will ensure there is extra security in your house whenever you are away. A portable door lock protects and doesn’t destroy your door or the frame.

3.    Keyless Door Lock

its installation is the same way as that of a keyed door lock. All you require is to install an electronic lock. You can measure where the keyless lock will be positioned on either side of the door. Ensure you do the installation perfectly. When you have the correct measurements the process will be simple. It can work at the same time as the keyed lock. In case you may want to program the lock you can do so after the installation. You can also check the manual and follow the instructions given. A keyless door lock is secure and reliable. This can help in place of a keyed system since you can lose your keys or the keys may break in the lock. A keyless lock prevents this from happening.

Advantages of a Keyless Lock

  • It can resist massive forces.
  • Easy to utilize hence can be locked or unlocked in a single movement.
  • Enhances security on the exterior or interior doors.
  • Not hard to install as it doesn’t take much time.

4.    Remove The Door handle – Temporary Door Lock From Outside

When can you consider a temporary door lock from outside? You can use this tip when you have an emergency and you do not have any other workable option. For example, your door lock may break and you may have to go buy another one. This you can discard the knob to prevent burglars from getting in. This technique works for internal and external opening doors. It consumes a lot of time.

5.    Lock Using a DeadBolt

First, you can put in a deadbolt. You can use this method if you are worried about the security of the place your house is. Examine your requirements for privacy. A deadbolt makes your door impossible to break down. You can hire a locksmith to do the installation. After that, you can proceed to lock your door. A deadbolt has its key that is different from the normal key fitting the knob. While outside close the door and slip the key into the deadbolt’s keyhole. Rotate it in a clockwise direction and thus the door is locked. You can then try turning the knob and push the door open. If it doesn’t budge then the bolt is locked.

6.    Change The Knob

If you are staying in your house or a rental and your landlord doesn’t mind you changing the old knob, you can buy a new one with a keyhole. From the local stores or any other place you prefer. You may consider hiring an expert to do the work.

7.    Go For The Lock Latch

You can use this when you are sharing your house with other people. The rooms may be split and this complicates things around. You may trust your roommates but not sure of their friends and comrades. This will be of help on how to lock doors from outside.

Final Thoughts

Which method works best for you? In learning how to lock doors from outside you can go for any method. This is as long as it’s the one that suits you. Locking a door from outside depends on the location of your house and who you are as a person. In case you have your own house there are many different ways you can use to lock your door. However, if you don’t own one, you may have insufficient options in case you live in a shared room or a dormitory. It is important to lock your door only if you need to or you feel the place is not secure enough. You may consider using a tip that works best for you. This depends on whether you want a temporary method or not. Also whether you are leaving your house to travel far away or go shopping.

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