How to Lock Your Bedroom Door From Outside

How to Lock Your Bedroom Door From the Outside Without a Lock

Is it possible to lock your bedroom door with no lock? It may be hard to find and an effective way to lock your bedroom door. This can be either for privacy or to feel secure. 

The door of your bedroom may be damaged or you just need a temporary shut or you may want to secure your room. And also what if you want your privacy? you may need a fast and easy method to fix your door as you wait for a locksmith. 

You can make a new lock using the items in your house or even buy some items if the need arises. It is important to learn the different methods on how to lock your bedroom door from outside. This will boost Your security and privacy. 

Are there effective methods you can use to secure your door? Oh yes! There are several ways that you can lock your bedroom door with no lock. So don’t you worry. Here are 7 crucial methods you can use;

1)Discard the Door Knob-How to Keep a Door  Shut Without a Knob

Do you have an idea of how to keep a door shut without a knob?  It is very simple. You have to unscrew the lock. Remove both the inner and outer screws and cogs. A door without a handle cannot be locked by both the intruder and you. It prevents access to your room. The only issue with this method is that it consumes a lot of time as you will need to install back the knob any time you want to get into the room. It’s also appropriate if you don’t have another option when the need arises. It is the best method if you have the right tools to handle the lock. This is because you have to dismantle it without destroying it.

Disadvantages of Removing the Door Knob

  1. It cannot prevent forceful attacks
  2. In case you have got an emergency and have to hurry up it’s hard to install the uninstall the handle before leaving.

1) You Can Use Portable Door Lock From Outside

It is easy to carry around. A Portable door lock from outside is not compatible with all kinds of doors. However, if it’s compatible with yours you are lucky as it provides extra security without damaging the door, its frame, or floor. Most common nowadays. It is efficient when you travel more frequently hence it’s a valuable source of security. Was designed to travel but can also be used on any other occasion. Examples of portable locks include but are not limited to Addalock and Travelers security locks.

2) Lock With a Fork

Sounds weird right? Here’s how to lock the door with a fork; 

  • Using a plier, you can bend the end of the fork.
  • Remove the handle of the fork.
  • Open the door, hook the fork’s head into the hole of the strike plate.
  • Close the door and slide the fork’s handle in between the middle lines. Thus, the door is locked.

The only disadvantage of this method is it cannot protect it from a high force attack even though it prevents pushing the door open.

3) You Can Use a Wedge

It is a simple and considerable method. Get a wedge-shaped door stopper or use one made from cardboard. You can also use commercial ones made from rubber. Close the door and place the door wedge on the opening side of the door. Tap the wedge in place until it’s secure then test whether or not the door shuts.

Advantages of Using a Wedge

  • Easy to remove when opening the door.
  • It’s affordable and a simple method
  • You can make your door wedge

Disadvantages of Using a Wedge

  • Only works on doors that can open inwards
  • It may slip out
  • It cannot withstand high force access for long.

4) Use a Belt – How to Lock a Door With a Belt

Do you have an idea of how to lock a door with a belt? Using a belt you have two options on how to lock your bedroom door from outside without a lock. First, for a door having a hook and a door with a door closer. Stretch the belt between the handle and the hook. This only applies if your bedroom door had a hook. Also for a door with a door closer, you can tighten the belt on the hinge. Hence it’s locked.

5) Strike Plate

It’s reliable and it cannot destroy your door since you may use existing screw holes to mount it on the jamb. It’s also simple to use as you put the ring part over the doorknob.

6) Keyless Door Lock

It can be safe to open doors that can be opened from inside or outside. It’s advantages are;

  • It’s not time and energy-consuming as you will not waste your energy and time looking for your keys when your hands have other things
  • You will not have to keep your keys under the mat. This no fear of insecurity.
  • You can track those people entering or leaving your room as you can get alerts on your phone.
  • You may lose your remote as most keyless locks have remotes and without it can be difficult to open your door.
  • It is expensive as there are monthly charges involved.

Final Thoughts

It is important to know how to lock your bedroom door from outside without a lock. You can now either travel or leave for the shop or other businesses. You can leave without thinking of how your kids or any other person will mess up some of the valuables in your room. Locking your door without a lock may seem impossible. 

However, These methods are effective depending on the one you choose to use. You may be thinking of which method can be used the most. Don’t worry this depends on whether you need a temporary or a permanent solution. If there are security concerns you can always combine these methods.

Most of the methods are affordable. So choose the one that suits you since the application of these methods varies. Hope you can now secure your bedroom door without stressing yourself over the safety and privacy of the valuables in your bedroom.

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