How to make a single curtain rod into a double

How to make a single curtain rod into a double? With an adapter.

Let’s talk about curtains today. These decorative parts of your home, located mostly at the windows of it, they can allow a fresh breeze to pass inside, and block or allow sunlight to enter your home. They could also make a design statement in a room, complimenting the furniture inside of it.

And speaking of design, having two shades of color by putting double curtains may look even better. The way to do it is by having double curtain rods at the windows, which allows us to hang two curtains at the same window.

However, most of us just have a single rod to put our curtains on. How can we possibly install twice the number of curtains when physically can’t? How to make a single curtain rod into a double? We are going to check out a fairly unexpected way to do it, without breaking the bank.

What do you need for double curtain rods?

If you are like most of us, chances are you probably have space for one curtain in each of the windows at your house. That is not a bad thing, but if you want more style you got to admit double curtains can give some cool look at any space. So, what do you need for double curtain rods?

Quite simply, the best way how to make a single curtain rod into a double curtain rod is by adding a conversion kit, from single to double. It is as unexpected as you may think, but the thing is: This is already a thing you can buy from many stores from a long time ago.

These conversion kits can allow you to hold two curtain rods and, by extension, two curtains. The installation is mostly on the same points as your typical single curtain rod anchor points, with places for two curtain rods.

Funnily enough, you can find them in all sorts of shapes and forms, all types of materials like nickel, hard plastic, bronze, or even carbon fiber (which is insane… And somewhat strange) which means they can look as crazy or as beautiful as you want. There are so many options! And you can even buy them online.

How to mount double curtain rods?

After seeing that you can actually order a conversion kit from your typical single curtain rod, to one that can hold the double, you may be wondering how to mount double curtain rods? After all, this is why you are asking how to make a single curtain rod into a double, right?

Well, while installation may be different from many available models, normally you would have some that can match your current curtain rod setup. If it is not matching it, you may need a drill to open some holes in your wall, which does not need to be that hard to do.

In any case, double curtain rods are held by mostly the same holes and screws you have on single curtain rods. Only thing is that, because they need to be longer to be able to support various curtains, the materials they use and the shape of the hardware may be way sturdier than the others. This is basic physics, because you are putting more way over them, remember?

To proceed mounting the double curtain rod conversion kit you would need to check out the manufacturer you bought, but normally what you would do is to dismount the previous single curtain rod and attach the conversion kit. After tightening everything, you should be able to put your curtains in the new hangers. This may take just a couple of minutes to do so.

What is a wrap around double curtain rod design?

Let’s talk about one of the best practical uses of a double curtain: Having the ability to “wrap around”. What is a wrap around double curtain rod design?

After knowing how to make a single curtain rod into a double curtain rod, exploring what else can it be done in the same space where normally there was just a single curtain is a reality. Curiosity can lead you into these kinds of curtain rods where, instead of just two parallel tubes that hold curtains, you have two that curve at the end, making the curtains touch the wall directly.

Nothing unusual until you discover that, by doing this, you can make a room completely dark by eliminating light penetration entirely (or almost entirely, but way better than just a curtain floating over the window).

It is one of the many crazy designs you can discover on the internet when researching for ways to improve your curtain situation. Remember, while having a nice-looking curtain is nice, having a functional one that can block entirely the light entering a room is amazing. And the only thing you needed to change was the hardware that supports the curtain rods.

When it comes to prices, it depends obviously on the brand and materials used to make the hardware. A pretty nice bronze hardware conversion kit would not cost the same as a satin nickeled one, brand X vs brand Y would not cost the same, and fancy features like the one mentioned in this section would also add to the cost. So, do your thorough investigation before going for them.


We have explored a fascinating topic, the curtains on our homes, and saw ways how to improve them. After seeing how to make a single curtain rod into a double curtain rod, you may now know that there is a sea of types, models and features to choose.

The way to mount them is fairly straight forward. However, most of the reputable conversion kits would include instructions on how to actually install them into the same place where single curtain rods were. If not, before buying, do your research to see if it matches the ones that you have right now. 

And when it comes to variety, there is a lot to choose from. You can get nickeled ones, bronzed ones, some with hard plastic but way cheaper than the others. Also, you can even get especially designed ones that can wrap around and block the sunlight entirely, while holding two curtains, which is amazing.

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