How to make a table taller

How To Make A Table Taller? Some Useful Tricks!

A table is usually of a specific height when you purchase it, but sometimes, your requirements can change with time. You may be wondering how to make a table taller when those requirements do come into play. Well, for the most part, there are a few useful things that you can purchase to do this very thing.

Many people have to increase the height of their tables for a variety of reasons, and it is always a cheaper option instead of buying a brand new table. Keep in mind that your expectations should be kept in check because there is only so much you can do to increase the overall height of the table. Not all tables are compatible with this either, so it would be best that purchase the adjusters according to the size of the table, and its legs.

How to make a table taller – Completely possible!

Leg extenders for tables – An easy solution!

The first thing you can look into, are these things called leg extenders for tables. You can attach these pieces of wood that increase the overall height of the table. You can buy these on Amazon, or any major shopping website. Most of these fall in the $20 to $40 range, and come in sets of four. Now, it should be noted that these extenders are meant to be used with light tables. 

Usually folding tables, and simple IKEA tables are easily compatible with this type of leg extenders. These save a lot of money and are best sellers all over the internet marketplace. Most of these come in a variety of sizes too, and you can extend the table way up, to even your shoulder’s length if you wish. The price of the extenders increases with the length; for the most part though, it isn’t expensive at all. The price of getting a newer table is far more than these, and this is a worthwhile investment.

These products have excellent ratings on Amazon; many people in the reviews have mentioned how buying these saved them a lot of money, and that the quality of the extenders is top-notch. There are also options for each extender, for both folded tables, or non-folded tables. 

Table height extenders – Even better!

Now, we already discussed why we think leg extenders are great; but, what if you have a table that isn’t compatible with the leg extenders? What if you have a wooden table that has a lot more weight and requires something entirely different? That is where table height extenders come in place. These can also be purchase on various websites including Amazon and can cost around $15 to $20. These aren’t only cheaper but work with a variety of different furniture items as well. This means that you can use this with practically any kind of table, without having to purchase a new one. 

Most of these come in different colors too, which allows you to match it with the color of your table, bed, or even a chair. Most of these come in a pack of four, and you can choose from different sizes per square millimeter. If you are a bit more concerned about the aesthetic of the furniture, then you can look into different shapes of these as well. You can buy both rounded or squared table height extenders for your table. Keep in mind that when you buy these, it is recommended that you make sure to read the reviews first. If you are on Amazon, the top few results usually have the most reviews, and you can get a good idea of which ones are preferred by most customers.

The process of using this is very simple too.

First, you want to place these next to your table, and have someone lift them. You can now remove the protective layer from the surface; then gently lay the table’s leg on each of these, and adjusting it into these. You don’t have to worry about the table slipping off of these. This is because the material used in these can easily grip anything you put on it. The higher the weight applied, the more it can easily grip.

Both of these options work very well, and most owners will go with the ones that they think works best for their table aesthetic. These are in our opinion the best options, but if you are really on a budget, you can simply add some wooden blocks under your table. This is a very cheap alternative, but we don’t recommend it because it can end up damaging the table, and getting the right size for each block can become a pain. There are also balancing issues that can be used by this; over time, the table might lose its balance too. This is why it isn’t recommended, and for the most part, you will need to spend a little money by exploring the options we mentioned above in detail.


So, how to make a table taller? Well, there are plenty of inexpensive options that one can look into at various online retailers. These only cost around $40 the most, and can work for a variety of tables. If you a folder table, or something with thinner legs, you can look into buying a table leg extender. This is meant to increase the length quite a bit. If you buy a long enough extender, the height can even be raised to your shoulder level.

If you want to raise the height of something that has different kinds of legs, then you can look into buying what is called a table height extender. These are even cheaper; plus, they don’t just work with tables, but can be used under beds as well.

Both these options save a lot of money; buying a new table means that the older one becomes essentially useless, as you will need more space for the new one.

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